Jack Russell Terrier of mine

Hi! My name is Oleg, I have a Jack Russell Terrier dog, she's 10 years old! My dog's name is Belka. We travel a lot, especially in the mountains, will share my experience on this page. If you have any questions, ask me, I will try to help you! We have a website with important information about dog care, welcome!

This site is all about the Jack Russell (Parson) Terrier breed. You will learn about the origins and development of the breed, about the unique features and the rules of education and training deriving from them. The site also will help you better understand your pet. Separate sections of the site deal with the care, the basics of proper feeding, caring for the health of the dog.

And most of all the information will help you to answer the question is it right for you the breed of Russell Terrier?

Children's dog shampoo ... yes or no?

Children's dog shampoo ... yes or no?

Friends, let's admit some undeniable facts - your dog smells. Yes, even from yours. And we all know that. No matter how much we love our little furry friends, sometimes they manage to plunge into some nastiness, but we have nothing left to do but accept it, reluctantly. However, to make your dog look pleasant and clean, it needs to be washed from time to time.

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