Despite the fact that in nature representatives of the canine family ​​cope perfectly with the process of giving birth alone, you should not rely on nature.  After all, your pet lives in a different environment, eats other food and depends on you. In most cases, the dog may give birth on her own, but it happens that without the intervention of the owner, she and her future offspring may die.  

Therefore it is important to prepare properly for the upcoming birth. It is a rarity when childbirth occurs unexpectedly, especially if it is the first dog’s pregnancy. Typically, already one or two days before delivery, dog begins to worry, look for a secluded place, it becomes too intrusive and gentle with you, dog looks pleadingly into your eyes, as if asking for help, refuses to eat. 

Changes occur in the appearance of the dog - belly sags, back bends, genitals increases, slimy grease exudes from the vagina, the nipples swell and grow. 48 hours before delivery, the dogs body temperature drops to 37 ° C. During this period, do not leave your dog alone on a long time, because delivery may occur at any moment, and your help may be needed. In addition, your pet at this time is very worried, she is afraid of being alone, without her beloved master.  Don’t make her nervous because of your absence. 

Prepare a place for deliver it must be in a quiet, warm and cozy corner, away from the hustle and bustle. Show your dog this place and watch her. Perhaps you have chosen the wrong place, and she will show you herself a more suitable option.

In order to be better equipped, prepare the following:

  • a place in a prominent place the phone number of your veterinarian; 
  • more clean napkins. They need to capture the puppy to help him be born. Puppies are born in the fetal membranes, which make them very slippery; 
  • the clean towels. They need to wipe the puppies, thereby help them to dry faster and avoid hypothermia;
  • an antiseptic solution for washing hands (e.g. Sterilium);
  • a heating pad will need a puppies;
  • a small scissors with rounded tips for cutting the umbilical cord (they should be boiled for at least 5 minutes); 
  • you will need a box for newborn puppies and two clean towels bigger size;
  • a bin where the used napkins and fetal membranes will be thrown;
  • a silk thread for the ligation of the umbilical cord.

Prenatal period lasts from 3 to 12 hours. Dog is too restless during this period, she fells anxiety, she tries to prepare a generic place, she breathes heavily.   

Prenatal period can be very different and depends on the number of fetuses and the health of the future mother. Most often childbirth may last 2-3 hours when a small amount of fetus, while it lasts 12-24 hours in multifetal pregnancy. The interval between the output of the puppies is on average 15-30 minutes, however, when a multiple pregnancy this interval may be increased to two hours by the end of the birth, it is tiring and exhausting dog in childbirth. It is important to determine is this normal course of delivery, or abnormally prolonged?

If the time between subsequent fetal output delayed by 90 minutes or more, or if the dog is very exhausted, and makes ineffectual effort, or if attempts become very weak, but not all puppies come out, you should immediately call a veterinarian. It happens that at the time of attempt only part of a puppy appears from the vagina, but then the puppy can’t get through. Each attempt is accompanied by the appearance of some part of the fetus, but as soon as attempts pass, the fetus comes back. In this situation, neither you nor the dog can cope, so you should as soon as possible appeal for help to the veterinarian.If the birth of a dog are normal, you still should not leave the future mother alone. She will need a little, but serious help. Usually, puppies are born in the fetal amniotic sheath, which the dog bites off herself, but sometimes when the dog is tired or weak, it is difficult for her to reach the puppy. In that case, you'll have to do it. 

Remove the sheath, wipe the puppy with a dry clean towel as much as possible, remove mucus from the mouth and nose, cut the umbilical cord off from the abdomen (not less than 2-3 cm) and tie it gently with silk thread.Don’t just remove the pups from motherright away.This will give her great anxiety and excitement. Instead, attach them to her nipples. Colostrum is very important and necessary for the puppies, and it will help their mother in childbirth, stimulating the attempts and accelerating the output of subsequent fetus.As new puppies appear move previous into the box, but not all, make sure that the pups were near mother all the time.In the box should be put a heating pad wrapped in a towel.

Place the puppies on the heating pad, covering them slightly with a second towel.The point is that the temperature of newborn puppies falls rapidly, which can lead to hypothermia and, as a consequence, to cold.Therefore the room where the dog gives birth should be warm, well-heated, without excess moisture.

After the birth of each puppy, and sometimes with him, afterbirth (placenta) is out. The dog eats it instinctively. It is thought that eating of placenta stimulates contraction of the uterus after childbirth and helps to increase lactation.However, don’t let the dog eat more than 2-3, otherwise she will havediarrhea.It’s necessarily to count the number of afterbirths that came out, there should be as much as puppies.

Watch that the dog does not pull on the umbilical cord, and do not pull it - it leads to the appearance of an umbilical hernia in a puppy.

Sometimes newborns seem completely lifeless.Don’t worry. Try to remove all the mucus from the mouth and nose, massage breast, turn it upside down and shake gently.Try it to utter at least some sound, the puppy makes first breath with it. 

After childbirth, it is necessary to remove well the maternity nest, treat external genitals of the dog with antiseptic solution and return her and the offspring back into place.It is important to wash and clean mothers place for ten days twice a day.During the first ten days the dog has bloody discharge from the genitals.Don’t worry, this is normal. Then they become viscous and disappear gradually.

During the first days after birth feed the dog yogurt, kefir, warm tea with milk, give her curds and special food for lactating females.Be sure to cut the claws of the puppies so that they are not scratched mother when feeding.If the dog does not have milk enough, or she has not at all, you should go to the vet.He will appoint medications that increase lactation, or appoint a bottle-feeding with milk, which is sold in pet stores.

It is necessary to pay attention to!

  • If, during pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum, malodorous discharge, green or dark brown colored will begin to appear from thedogs genitals.
  • If the temperature rises to 40 °C and above.
  • If the number of placentas was less than the number of births of puppies.

All of the above is cause for urgent referral to a veterinarian.

If this is the first time in your life when you take childbirth of a dog, better invite a knowledgeable person for the support, ideally it should be a veterinarian.

Don’t invite your friends to admire the childbirth of your dog. During this period noisy companies in an apartment should be avoided and do not need to invite anyone outside. Pity your favorite, she feels vulnerable and defenseless. She needs your care, rest and silence. 

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