Mating a dog FAQ

What age do dogs begin to mate?

Males reach sexual maturity (puberty) at 6 months.However, do not start breeding before 1 year.The first estrus in the bitch comes at the age from 6 to 12 months, in the future the intervals between heats may be 6-12 months.The longer the interval, the less hassle.However, if the intervals are different every time, contact your veterinarian.Female puberty comes with the appearance of the first heat.But, the optimal age for first mating is 1.5-2 years.

How often should a male be bred?

An adult male dog is ready almost always.Of course, this does not mean that it is possible to mate him every day (and where to find so many brides?).Frequency of mating is very individual and depends on the specific characteristics of the dog. But there is some reasonable rule: no more than once a week.

How to choose the right time for mating?

Estrus in the bitch lasts 21 days. 

In the first phase of estrus (proestrus) you notice significant swelling of vagina and appearance of bleeding, which are becoming more intense. This phase lasts for 7-10 days.Then the second phase of the sexual cycle comes - estrus, or phase of desire, ovulation.During this period, the discharge becomes pale, slimy, vagina increases significantly.This is just a period favorable for conception when your bitch starts search male for procreation.

You can determine whether your favorite is ready for mating. Put your hand on her croup and pat at the base of the tail, tap your finger on the vagina.In response, the dog lifts tail, puts it aside, revealing thus the vagina and pulling it upwards. As soon as you notice the favorable signs, take the bride to the groom.

Where should I carry out mating?

You should mate your dog where the groom lives! The place should be familiar to him otherwise the dog may become agitated, and not mat.It’s better to mate always in the same room.On her territory bitch can feel the hostess and snap at the dog. It is strange but true: the puppies from the same litter can have different fathers.If you have mated your favorite, but the time of rut has not ended yet she can find, without your participation, another groom and mate with him.

The fact is that during ovulation plurality of eggs is ripen, and during the first mating some portion of them can stay unfertilized. So keep your eyes on your dog, to avoid double paternity.

The reasons of failure?

Surprisingly, it sometimes happens so that, under favorable conditions, the dogs do not mate.There are many reasons for this.For example, a dog is very shy and refuses to mate in the presence of strangers.Dogs may simply not like each other.It so happens that bitch refuses from mating with one male, snaps, bites him, but with a different male her behavior is ideal and mating runs successfully.Do not forget that dogs are highly organized and social creatures with their preferences and principles. Remember about the importance of courtship. Do not rush the dogs, give them a chance to flirt with each other, make a series of ritual acts - licking ears, catch-up, kissing and so on.

What is the lock and what is it for?

After a brief courtship dogs commit a sexual act. Male’s ejaculation occurs fairly quickly, literally after several frictions.But, the bitch does not release the penis so quickly: the muscles of her vagina contract and might be a "lock".In this case your help is very important, because dog in the «lock» tend to scatter, bitch tries to sit down, all this can injure both, especially males.Carefully turn the dogs one tail to anotherand hold them in the position of "standing" as long as the bitch will not release the dog. «Lock» in nature is not only for the retention of sperm inside the genitals of a bitch, but also to prolong her pleasure. Typically, the "lock" lasts from 5 to 40 minutes. However, if the "lock" does not happen, fertilization can occur without it.

What to do after mating?

When dogs are separated, hold the bitch in the supine position, slightly lifting her hind legs.After mating you shouldn’t walk her 1 -2 hours, just let her rest in peace in a warm place.Check that the male penis has bounced back andit should whole be covered with skin. Male dog also needs to rest, leave him alone for a while.

What is a control mating?

2 days after the first mating while the bitch is in the period of ovulation, it is desirable to make control (re-) mating in order to the probability of conception would be higher. Usually the control mating is easy because dogs are already familiar.

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