Choosing a puppy

So, you chose the breed Jack Russell Terrier. What's next? How from the mass of the proposals on the Internet, in newspapers, do you choose the only one that will become a member of your family for the next 15 years? How not to be mistaken?

Unfortunately, you can’t "try" puppy - bring a pet to home for two weeks, and then return it to the breeder with the words "not fit." Inviting a dog into the house, you should be fully aware that he is a living innocent and defenseless creature that is entirely up to you.

Don’t make the impulsive decisions. Consider everything carefully and discuss with all family members.
Here are questions that you need to give a definite answer. 

Gender of the future pet

One of the first questions that you should decide for yourself before choosing a puppy, "he" or "she"?
This is good if you already have a dog and you prefer one or the other sex. But if you are a novice, you will be faced with the problem of choosing.

There are no recommendations, who is better - a «he» or a «she», just your personal preference. In contrast to the large breeds, Jack is no particular difference between the sexes.

So, males are more active and athletic, sociable. They certainly excel females by the larger size, the size of the head, a strong skeleton. They have no heat. If you decide to sterilize your pet, this operation and the recovery period of males are much easier.

But at the same time, males tend to run away from the master, if they smell the bitch in heat. They are more sexually active, more aggressive, especially to dogs of the same sex.
Females are  more gentle and affectionate to owners, quiet, obedient, smaller. Males rarely show aggression toward females. Sexual problems occur only in heat and only one week.

However, estrus is 1 -2 times a year. Estrus means a major change established lifestyle for master. To avoid being attacked by a pack of "dog grooms," the time of walking should be chosen when other owners have grazed their dogs. Also the territory of walks need substantially restrict that left marks don’t provoke "grooms" in search of "bride". However, in pet stores they have a whole arsenal of tools that makes life easier in heat both the owner and his dog - panties, sprays, suppressing the smell. You should be prepared for the fact that she will have puppies. And even if you are buying a dog, not going to mate her, then later on, view may change. And then you have to take leave to care for newborns. 

Choosing a puppy
Sex selection also depends on the composition of your family, and established rhythm of life. If you have a child 7-13 years, he needs a tireless companion in noisy games which is able to play all day long and calmly respond to all kinds of children's attacks in the address. Acquiring a female, you'll be disappointed, because she prefers to sit on hands, sleep in the chair, and nosy games will be just annoying for her. However, if you lead a calm way of life, like to lie in a chair in front of the TV, the female is what you need.

Once again, all carefully weigh and make your choice.

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