Where to buy a dog?

Perhaps this is one of the most important tips who wish to buy a Jack Russell Terrier: Never buy a dog in the market. In addition, you can buy a dog completely unknown breed, white with red spots, vaguely reminiscent of Russell's very likely you’ll buy a sick animal. Refrain from impulsive acts.

The question of the choice of the breeder should be approached with special care. Choosing the right seller will allow you to be sure that you get exactly the dog you fancy. The breed is not very popular and widespread in Russia, so the breeders know each other. All jack nurseries can be easily found on the Internet. A good way to select a breeder - visit special Russell’s shows, where you can see the representatives of different kennels You can also look at the parents, their exhibition services, just chat with the owners of the dogs to learn more about the breed. The breeders will be happy to tell you excitedly about the virtues of their favorites.

Once you have selected a few nurseries, visit each of them. All nurseries gladly invite the prospective owners to make sure that the puppy gets into the right hands. If you refuse to visit or offer to get a puppy to you than you should be wary and better remove the nursery from your list.

If you are going to go to the nursery, make a list of your questions. Of course, the list of questions is very long, especially if it is your first dog in my life. Below are those which just need to ask:    

  • How many years of nursery? Can I get a phone of those who have already bought puppies in the kennel? 
  • How many litters a year do you have? Can you see the parents? (Of course, you will see a bitch, because it is beside puppies. A male, possibly is from another nursery. Ask their coordinates). 
  • Ask temperament inherent to dogs in a kennel. 
  • What are the genetic abnormalities occurred in the nursery? 
  • Do the kennel dogs and their puppies participate in the exhibitions? 
  • Check the hallmarks of a puppy and puppy card.
  • Check the veterinary passport. If the puppy has not made ​​the first vaccination, the passport can’t be still. Check with the breeder of the first date of the vaccination. 
By asking questions, try to find a common language with the breeder, to feel whether you comfortable in conversation with him, do you trust him. After all, this person will continue to accompany your dog on a life: whether you want to expose her to mate her or she will has any health problems.

Each competent breeder certainly concerned about the fate of their pets, that is why he always, in turn, will ask you a counter questions. Here are some of them: 

  • Have you had a dog before? Do you know the breed Jack Russell Terrier? And why did you choose this breed? 
  • How old are your children? 
  • Do you live in an apartment or in the country? What is your temperament - whether you like to walk, outdoor or prefer a quiet life? 
  • Are you going to expose the dog?
  • Are you going to mate a dog? 

You should be alerted if the breeder is willing to sell you a puppy without asking the conditions in which you will keep Jack. Most likely, the dogs are bred solely for profit and puppies grown without proper attention to their health and nutrition. 

So you've visited a few nurseries, saw the breeders and the parents of your future family member and chose one of them. Even if this kennel has no litters for sale right now, have patience, sign up for the future.

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