Feeding dry food

Once again you have the problem of choice. Shelves of pet stores are full of a variety of beautiful packaging with dry dog food, canned food in color cans. There are many commercials of "best pet food" on TV. If you decided that you would have no time to cook the food, and you would feed your Jack by balanced pet food. What should you choose?

Here are a few basic principles, on which the food should be selected.

  • Food should be appropriate to the age and condition of your pet. Each well-known production company produces various kinds of pet foods: for puppies, for adult dogs, for older dogs for large and small breeds, for active dogs and for dogs leading divan lifestyle. There are special therapeutic foods for dogs with various diseases, such as allergies, kidney disease, stomach, support-locomotion system, etc. The composition of the food varies depending on the purpose. There is no food that would fit both puppies and older dogs.

  • Avoid cheap food. Use only food of Premium or Super Premium class. The fact is that the cheaper food consists of cheaper ingredients. Animal protein may be bird feathers or wool of cattle. If all of these proteins are normally digested in dogs, then there would be no problems, but the fact is that they do not assimilated, that is not split, thus have a very high energy capacity and a lot of protein. Having bought a packet of dry food with the inscription, which reads about 40% protein content with the energy capacity of 90%, your dog will not get out of all this anything. Moreover, your dog can be poisoned by this food. The same applies to the fiber, which can be milled into flour from wood chips. Of course, there is no guarantee that the food of Premium class does not have the same cheap raw materials, but still there is hope that the high cost of quality products are worth it.
  • Monitor your pet carefully. These observations help to understand whether the diet is suitable. If Jack gladly eats the food, he has a good appetite, so he likes the smell, taste and texture of the food. Pet’s stool should be no liquid formed. This means that the gastrointestinal tract works well the meal digested without problems. Condition of hair and skin is also perfect indicator. If the coat is shiny, skin looks clear, food fit to the pet. Finally, the general behavior of Jack must be usually cheerful, lively and merry.

  • Selecting the diet to Jack, keep in mind that this is an energetic dog, especially if you have a working dog, and you go for hunting or competition and exhibition, therefore, the energy value of the food should be high.

  • Talk with the breeder or veterinarian. He makes the professional inspection of your pet, and depending on his health, will advise you the diet.

Choosing what food is better - dry or canned, you should focus on addiction of animal and its individual features, for example, dogs are prone to obesity, it is better to feed canned food, as there are less carbohydrates in such a diet. Feeding ready forages (natural), has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is convenience. You always know the daily rate of feed needed for your pet - it is written on the packaging. You do not need to count the contents of various mineral elements in the diet, it's for you made by the manufacturer. Food is convenient to store, you may take it with you when travelling.

These are the feed of grade Premium: Acana, Orijent, Eukanuba, Hills and others.
The disadvantages of the finished feed are the presence in feed chemical additives: preservatives, flavors, dyes that make food more appetizing for dogs. That is why the finished feed can cause allergies to Jack. And in his view, natural products are much tastier.

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