Infectious diseases of dogs

Known truth: the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. An interesting fact is that her first vaccination against infectious diseases puppies receive colostrum from the first sip of his mother. Colostrum contains ready antibodies that are present in the body then the puppy until 4-18 weeks of age. This so-called passive immunity.

Active immunity produced by the body after infection dog transports, and its blood will be present antibody inducing immunity to illness. The meaning of vaccination lies in the development of artificial active immunity. Dog was injected attenuated pathogens or that disease, thereby causing the body's production of antibodies against graft infection. That's why after vaccination in dogs may be unwell, lethargy, lack of appetite for several days. During this period, the dogs immunity weakened, so avoid strenuous exercise, exposure to cold, bathing.

Below we give a table of the most common infectious diseases of dogs. These diseases have a viral or bacterial origin, are transmitted from dog to dog, and sometimes can be transmitted to humans (rabies) and often lead to death. Vaccination is the only way to protect against infectious diseases. 1 adult dogs vaccinated annually.



Ways of infection




Pathogen is a virus. Has different forms: intestinal, pulmonary, skin, nervous, mixed. It is not dangerous for humans

From sick animals, through household itemsby air.

Increasing the temperature to 39,5 ° C or higher, depending upon the shape, may be respiratory inflammation, discharge from the eyes and nose, diarrhea, vomiting, cramps.

Most susceptible are puppies of 2 months. up to 1 year, the mortality rate among the pups 75% among adult dogs - 50%. After the disease in dogs can be paralysis, epilepsy.


Pathogen is a virus. Affects the brain and central nervous system. Transmitted to humans through the bite.

Through thebite and saliva

Mood changes, inappropriate behavior, hallucinations, aggression, refusal of food and water. Profuse salivation. Paralysis.

Mortality is100%.


Pathogen is a virus. Has different forms: intestinal, heart, mixed. Itisn’t dangerous for humans

Contact with sick animals. Through the feces of sick animal. The virus can long exist without its host.

Severe persistent vomiting, fever. Dehydration, heart failure

Mortality among puppies is up to 50% in adult dogs
is 5-30%.


Pathogen is a bacteria. Has 2 forms of hemorrhagic and icteric. Affects the liver and circulatory system, may be transmitted to humans.

Through infected urine, direct contact with a sick animal.

Raising the temperature above 39,5 ° C, lethargy, refusal of food, bloody diarrhea, sores on mucous surfaces.

Depending on the form of the disease. In acute form mortality is 80%. In sub-acute form mortality is 30-50%. In chronic form - the prognosis is favorable.


Bacterial and viral nature. It is not transmitted to humans.

Air-borne. Mainly in places with many dogs, including at exhibitions.

Prolonged dry, harsh cough, purulent nasal discharge.

Favorable prognosis with proper treatment. The disease lasts several weeks.

viral hepatitis

Pathogen is a virus. Infects cells of the liver, kidney, lymph nodes. It is not dangerous for humans.

Through direct contact with infected animals or household items, through urine.

The rise in temperature, lethargy, refusal to eat, nasal discharge, enlargement of the liver. Vomiting, dimness of the cornea.

Affects mainly puppies 3-12 months. When fulminant form mortality is 100%. In acute and sub-acute prognosis is favorable.

As you can see from the table, the symptoms of various infectious diseases are similar, and, flowing in chronic symptoms may be expressed implicitly. Unless you suspect that your pet with something "wrong", grab him in his arms and take it to the vet. Only in the clinic he correct diagnosis based on the analysis and research tool, and appoint the necessary treatment.

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