Puppy and You

You made ​​your choice, found that unique and long-awaited, which will become a member of your family for years to come. You can’t wait to bring him home. However, keep in mind that pick up the puppy from the mother before the age of 6 weeks is not recommended.

Pleasant chores

Here he is approaching, the long-awaited and joyful day when little Jack crosses the threshold of your home.
How to prepare for his reception? How to make his adaptation to the new family the most painless and quick?
Start with purchases. Believe me, this is a fascinating pastime. 

Buy two small bowls on a stand, one for water and one for food. Better to take the metal, because they simply can’t be chewed because puppies love to play with their bowls, dragging them through the house. Stand should be with removable height you could raise bowls higher, dog should not stoop while eating, because it spoils his posture.

Buy a rug or sofa, or a soft mattress on which the puppy will sleep. The choice is huge, take what you like and what fits to the interior of the apartment. Purchase a safe toys for your puppy. Secure means that it can’t be swallowed, and can’t be chewed on smaller pieces. Do not forget the tasty chewable bones. Their selection is also huge. Buy a few different things. Puppies love to chew, especially during teething. 

Buy a leash and the smallest size collar. You can buy a harness. Let your own imagination realize its own fantasy, buy something beautiful, bright, so the puppy will be looking like dandy. The collar should be soft. As leash fit 5-meter band roulette. 

Pet food. Check with the breeder, which pet food puppy ate at home, and buy the same, at least for the first time. Then you can change it to any other, but do it gradually, at least for a week. 

Buy cage or playpen to a little Jack. A place where you can leave him when there’s no one in home.

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