Feeding a puppy

You should carefully approach the issues of feeding the puppy to develop your little Jack exuded health and vitality and had no health problems.

The growth of puppies is the most important period of his life, when formation of bone and muscle mass is continued and the correct structure of all body systems is build. Growing organism requires energy per kilogram of weight and much more than an adult dog. The need for protein, vitamins, and various minerals are also much higher. Lack of protein in the growth period can lead to anemia, changes in the constitution, developmental delay. Lack of calcium and phosphorus in their diet leads to disruption of bone formation. 

Complete feed for young Jack shall include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements and mineral substances. 

Be sure to ask the breeder how did he feed the puppy, and continue to feed him the same, at least 7-10 days. Next step you should decide for yourself what will you feed your puppy - natural food or prepared foods. Teach your puppy to a new feed gradually. If you chose the prepared feed, it certainly must be the super food or a premium class for small breed puppies. Their selection is great at pet stores. 

If you decide to feed your puppy natural products, their composition should be varied.
There should be meat: beef, turkey, chicken breast.Meat is better to give a raw, because it is better absorbed and has a higher energy value than boiled (meat should be frozen, and unfreeze before feeding so the puppy does not get worms). Meat should be cut into small pieces, but not minced as a mincemeat. Besides protein, meat is rich in vitamin B, chlorides and phosphates, which are very useful to the young organism. 

Fish - fish worth giving only marine origin, pre-cooked better. Besides fish protein contains vitamin A, iodine, phosphorus. The fish need to be alternated with the meat and do not feed your puppy at the same time by both products.

Raw vegetables, fruits and herbs are also useful products containing besides vitamins, fiber, which helps digestion. Give raw vegetables in grated form. Although sometimes you can give vegetables in solid form - when the puppy chews whole vegetables - it removes plaque from the teeth. Let your pet chew radish, carrot, apple.
These are the main products, which you should include in the diet, puppies should not be fed sweets and spicy food.
Proper nutrition is not just a diet, but rhythm. Puppies 2-6 months are fed 4-5 times per day. From 6 months the puppy should be fed 3 times a day.

After a year you feed the dog 2 times a day, morning and evening. 

When it's feeding time, put the food in a bowl and call Jack. Put the bowl on a stand and give the puppy command "eat". If the puppy refused to eat or not eat his portion to the end, remove the food, do not leave it in a bowl. Do not worry: puppy will not stay hungry, do not persuade him, and do not feed from your hand. In the next feed he will eat well. Believe me, yet none of the puppy is starved himself to death. 

Do not forget the water: clean drinking water should always be in a bowl of Jack.

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