Home Alone

You have been living together with the puppy the first few days into your home. And that's just fine. Puppy became accustomed to the situation, met with members of his new family, ceased to whine at night. But you thought with horror that soon you need to go to work, leaving Jack home alone.
He will be very concerned by it. He won’t understand why he is left, and left all alone. The puppy may cry, bark, chew everything that gets in his field of vision, dig, leaving puddles. He does not do it to annoy you. These are signs of anxiety and he will try to find you.

How do you properly prepare a little Jack to a time of loneliness? Many "novice" breeders  make the same mistake: getting the puppy, take leave, and spend with him 24 hours a day, but then one day just go to work, bringing a puppy  thus in a state of shock. Teach Jack to the fact that you will be out during your leave gradually. Leave him alone for a few minutes at first, then increase the time. Each time coming back, praise him. Let him understand that you do not leave him, that you always come back. And this return will be a pleasant moment in his life.

Before departure, take your puppy for a walk, that he was tired and tired with running. Young puppies sleep much, so after a walk, most likely, he will fall asleep.

Leave a puppy new squeak toy that will attract his attention, and delicious chewy bones when you return, take the toy from him and let her only when you leave.

The puppy should be in a certain limit and safe place where he has enough space for movement and sleep. Do not leave Jack in apartment without restrictions. He is sure to find hazardous toys - wires, small gizmos, dear to your heart objects that he can broke. You shouldn’t lock the puppy in the bathroom or the toilet - there is no natural light, windows, and the puppy will be very worried. The optimal solution is to purchase a large comfortable cage, which would consider as home by the puppy.

Before leaving, leave the radio or CD on so Jack could hear the human speech.

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