Schooling JRT puppy to the toilet

Newborn puppies can’t to defecate independently. Their mother is massaging and licking puppies’ tummies, stimulating evacuation. Once the puppies are sufficiently developed and able to crawl, they will instinctively crawl away from the place where others puppies sleep to defecate. 

Cleanliness lies in dogs from birth. The puppy must defecate every couple of hours, so when you feel that he is ready for this, take him to a certain place, beds made of newspapers or disposable diapers or tray fillers.
You learn to recognize the signals that say to you that there’s the time for the puppy to go to the toilet very quickly. The puppy should defecate immediately after sleep. If during wakefulness he starts circling, sniffing and whining, it's just the signal. Pick him up and immediately take him to the place that it was decided to make a "dog toilet". If all goes well, be sure to praise and treat Jack. This will build positive associations with physiological needs at specially designated place. Repeat this procedure as often as possible, and you will be surprised how quickly Jack begins to realize that his master wants from him. 

Unfortunately, you can walk puppy outdoors only after 2 weeks of vaccination, when immunity is developed resistance to infectious diseases. Up to this point you need to accept the fact that your puppy will defecate in the apartment - he has no choice. But as soon as you begin to walk with your puppy, he quickly weans to defecate in the apartment.

Make it a habit to walk Jack immediately after eating, after sleeping, after any physical exercises or games, and before going to bed. This will help to teach your puppy to the toilet very quickly.

One of the common mistakes is that when the puppy has almost ceased to defecate in the apartment, the owner decides: today my Jack must go to the toilet in the street and puts away «home toilet» (tray filler). Poor puppy’s confused. Even when Jack is almost entirely adult, mishaps can happen. The reason could be anything - indigestion, infection or, simply, a long time without a walk. All dogs are different, some stop defecate in the apartment home in a 5 months, others only in a year, it does not depend on training and physiology. So do not put away the tray filler, or Jack has no choice - to go where he wants to.

If your Jack suddenly defecates in the apartment, never rub his nose in it, do not beat him. This is a natural process for dogs, and if he is punished, it can confuse him.

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