Socialization of Jack

Socializing of your puppy is the process of acquiring knowledge and skills that will help him adapt to the world around. Proper socialization is the comfort and peace of Jack in all situations, the socialization process begins with the first days of life when he is with a nursing mother and littermates. Little Jack begins the process of learning about the world through play with brothers, sisters and mother. He begins to realize he is a dog and not some other creature. 

It is known that if the puppy from the birth isn’t among other dogs, he can associate himself with any other kind, which is near; with a man, a cat or even a plush toy. Therefore we can’t take a puppy from the mother before 6-8 weeks of age. 

Newborn puppy does not know how to behave with other species - with the humans, with other dogs, cats and so on. The rules of communication should be cultivate in puppy first by the breeder, then by new owner. The process of knowledge of the world by little Jack is through the prism of your perception of the environment. If you are afraid of thunder, then your Jack will be afraid of it.

Let the opportunity to the puppy to meet to different people, animals, life situations. The more diverse these situations will be, the more confident and socially adapted Jack will grow.

For example, if there’s no children in your family,  and the puppy grew up not knowing who the little children is, that in adulthood, most likely, his respond will be inadequate to them.

Take Jack on a walk to the places where a lot of other dogs and let him play with them. Let him be in a car while on the street allow him to approach strangers, children, take him to the guests in the public areas, shops, restaurants (of course, those which allow you to bring dogs) take him with you then you move by public transport.

Remember: the dog has not passed the process of socialization, can grow in unpredictable, nervous and aggressive creature.

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