Changes in the body of an aging Jack

Remember the famous saying "A small doggie is ALWAYS a puppy till death"? It’s about your Jack. This restless cheerful puppy just does not want to be an adult. It is difficult to imagine that a tiny "energizer", which you brought to home, ever will grow old.  But the day will come when you pay attention to Jack’s red spots what they are not as the same red, and as if they faded in the sun, he prefers to spend more time in a warm chair, he doesn’t immediately respond to your call to the game, and he drags his favorite toytoyou more rarely. It will not happen immediately, not in one day, but gradually, and you will notice that something changes in your pet. "Is this old age?" - You will think. Yes, it is sad, but it comes to your pet. 

When you have purchased a puppy, he was much younger than you. But over the years he will catch up and even surpass your age. It is believed that one dog’s year is equals to 7 human’s years. But it is not so: large breed dogs grow up and grow old much faster than small breeds.  In this sense, your Jackislong-liver: 8-year-old Jack is still in full force. 


months (m.) 

12 m.

18 m.

2 m.

4 m.

6 m.

8 m.

10 m.

12 m.

14 m.

16 m.

13 m.

20 m.


17 years (y.)

22 y.    

25 y.   

27 y.   

29 y.   

36 лет

46 лет

55 лет

62 года

68 лет

76 лет

87 лет

99 лет

The first signs of aging appear in different dogs differently. It depends, first of all, from a genetic predisposition, physiological characteristics, lifestyle and diet of Jack. Do not be frightened and do not be discouraged if you notice signs of aging of your Jack. This does not mean that it prescribes "bed rest" mode and a diet with high nutritional value to your pet. It just means that you have to correct slightly his diet, to revise daily exercise and strengthen control over health of your pet.

Changes in the body of an aging Jack

Besides gray hairs on the muzzle, which does not affect the well-being of the dog, you will notice a number of age-related changes. Clear deep brown eyes Jack can cover by the haze and by the dim scale. Usually this scale has no effect on visual acuity. However, if you notice opaque spots on the cornea, it may be a cataract, in this case you need a help of the veterinarian, because, cataracts can lead to blindness. Glossy coat may become tarnished, look untidy, even with proper care. The skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry, which causes an unpleasant itching.

Movement of elderly Jack becomes slower because his ligaments lose elasticity. Quite often aged dogs have arthritis, just like people, and the movement gives them pain. However, this does not mean that your pet should be left without motion on the couch. He needs exercises.Of course, you should reduce some of the exercises, do not force him to run as earlier, but walks are obligatory.

Hearing of aged Jack clearly becomes worse. You can call him a few times, raising your voice until he will hear you. However, do not confuse hearing impairment with experienced wisdom. To test his hearing, come behind him, so that Jack does not see you and hail him. If he has a hearing problem, he does not respond to your voice.If your concerns about hearing loss are confirmed, don’t worry. Jack compensates it with sense of smell and vision.Try to be in field of view of Jack, when giving him a command, calling for a walk or inviting to a bowl. Reinforce command with gestures. Do not scare Jack, suddenly coming up behind him. If you have not paid enough attention to the care of the teeth of Jack in his youth, then to the old age his teeth may become loose and fall out, which is a consequence of established parodontosis. is There’s not only the lack of teeth will lead to difficulties with the grinding of food, but the gums, affected by periodontal disease, this gums are the source of infection that can affect the lungs, heart, kidneys, joints.

There are funny cases when the owners bring the pet to the vet with a complaint against a bad hearing.When checking the hearing turns out to be ok. However, an older, veteran Jack responds to commands weighing all carefully.He was able to think about commands in his youth, and now he does it  particularly thoughtfully: "Why should I?"(Why do I need this?) and often he leaves your calls without attention, pretending that he does not hear you.

All visible external changes, of course, are the result of internal processes in aged dogs:

  • weakened immunity;
  • heat exchange deteriorates, Jack looks for a warmer place, trembling at the slightest cold. Similarly, he begins to suffer from the heat, he becomes susceptible to thermal shock;
  • work of  the kidneys, liver, heart worsens; 
  • frequency of formation of  benign and malignant tumors increases;
  • work of the digestive tract worsens.

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