Myths and Truth about Jack Russell Terriers

There is no doubt, the small size, appearance, and intelligent funny face of  Jacks led to a number of misconceptions about this breed." Appearances are often deceptive ". This is old saying and in the case of Russell's true as ever. Here we will try to tell you what is true or fiction about these dogs.

Small size doesn’t mean «room» or «sofa» dog, which, like the Yorks may not walk, and go to the toilet at home on the diaper. This opinion is mistaken. JRTs are very mobile and athletic creatures. Any attempt to turn it into a sofa dog would be a tragedy for the dog and the owner. Remember the origin of the breed. He is a born hunter, requiring long walks and great sporting loads. He will not sit, just doing nothing and watching TV. He is sporty dog constantly looking himself something to do. This is Mr. Energizer, whose batteries never ended.  Although he wouldn’t mind to lie in the chair after a walk.

Small size means timid, shy dog hiding behind a master at the slightest danger. "Don’t believe it. Russell is a bulldog in the soul and he is Muhammad Ali in the canine world. He will be the first who rush into any pack and try to bring it in order, while completely forgetting that he is so small. The size of the enemy did not bother him. He doesn’t know the feeling of fear and it often leads to various unpleasant situations.

Jack Russell Terriers"Sharp mind means easy to learn." It’s another mistake.  Jacks  are certainly very clever, capable of learning and self-learning creatures. But ... Training should be fun and varied, be sure to include elements of the game, or Jack just will be bored and refuse to listen to you.

"The small size implies a quiet dog." No and no again, Jacks are hunters, barking beckoning master to foxhole, that’s why his voice is quite resonant. At the slightest rustle or movement he will alert you with his barking.    

"The white color and small size make him a dog, which should be kept in an apartment, but not out of town." Here, in part, there is some truth. Yes, the size of Russell make it comfortable to hold in the apartment environment. However, in the soul Jack is a village dog intended for life in the country. He will be happy to live in the yard, have a lot of space for walking, where he can

hunt or dig a deep hole.

"Russells are often in films and advertising, thus, their artistry and ability to tricks are genetic." This is not so. Only long hours of hard and constant training can make the artist of Jack.

"All Jacks are as Milo in the movie" Mask ", restless jumpers and pranksters." And this is another myth. Temperament Milo coined by director, and Jack merely played the role perfectly. Yes, all Jacks are jumpy, but each has its own individual character and temperament. Some are more calm and reasonable, others are more agile and restless. Some of them love to sit on master hands, while others prefer to be just beside master. In any case, Jacks accustomed to the rhythm of master’s life that is you.

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