What to expect?

Jack is looking for some doing all the time. Whether it's a walk, play with the ball or with other dogs, watching the passers-by from the window, barking at the janitor in the yard. More doings in his life more happy he will be.

Observe him. It looks like it is a great pleasure to be a clown and make people laugh around him. He is literally smiling from ear to ear when laughing at him. He generally likes to be pleased with his master, and he will try to please you in every way. 
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Russell is a funny, friendly dog that can’t stand loneliness. It should always be in the focus of attention of his master. And if you don’t notice him, he will literally annoy you, howl, jump up and down, push you by his nose even bite you till you finally pay him your attention. The situation when all the family at work or at school during the day is quite often, so Jack had to be at home alone. He can turn into a miserable and unpredictable dog from a lack of communication. For this reason this breed isn’t suitable for busy people. This is one of the most common reasons that owners abandon their pets, not being able to cope with their natural qualities.

The origin of the breed and its development as a hunting and working dogs has led to the development of the special qualities unique to Russell. It is impossible not to mention his amazing intelligence and capacity for solving problems independently. Outwit a fox in her own hole, in the dark isn’t an easy task, demanding quick decisions based on the actions of the fox.

In addition, you need to have a remarkable tenacity and tireless. This is the necessary qualities to drive the beast out of hiding, whether on the earth or under it. 

Despite the fact that during the evolution of the JRTs they become the companion dogs, their natural qualities haven’t gone anywhere. If you skillfully use them and guide, Jack will be a great friend and family member.

Oddly enough, but the ability to make decisions becomes an obstacle to learning. Just because he is too smart and he knows what he wants in this life. Correct tactics in training JRTs is through the game, and never through the suppression of canine personality. Russell should love and respect his master, but don’t afraid him.

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