Care for Jack

It means a comprehensive body care, which includes washing, bathing, haircut, purification of various parts of the body. Generally, we keep in mind a care for human body, but here it is used quite narrowly and it is comprehensive care for the dog. 

Who can still be so pleasing to the eye as clean, groomed, well-groomed, Jack? Only very well maintained, Jack! Accustom your puppy to all the elements of grooming in order don’t have problems with combing, bathing, etc., from the first days of his life. 

Regular maintenance of the adult Jack includes grooming, haircut claws, eyes and ears cleaned. 


As it was previously mentioned, there are 3 types of Jack’s wool coats: smooth, rigid and intermediate. Different types of hair require different care in order to maintain its purity, combing, trimming conduct. 

Being active and inquisitive dog, your Jack always finds where to get dirty, so any dirt on his white color will be very noticeable. But don’t rush to bathe every time he gets dirty (of course, if he does not get covered in some moldy stuff, sometimes instinct of ancestors shows itself). 

The coat in the process of selection of breeding Jack formed that repels dirt. Simply wipe paws and dirt place with a damp towel or cleaning paper. Dirt is easily cleaned. In general, don’t try to bathe the dog often. Do this only when necessary. Girls need to bathe after estrus. If you expose your Jack, you'll have to wash him before every show.
The fact is that frequent bathing dries the dog skin and removes the natural protection layer. It leads to the formation of dandruff. Even if you are using expensive shampoos for dogs, don’t bath the dog often.

Put in the Jack’s ears cotton balls before bathing to prevent water. Bathing water should be lukewarm, not hot.
First, soak the entire body of Jack, and then apply the shampoo and lather it, avoiding the eyes and ears. Then rinse thoroughly under running tap.

After bathing you can use a special conditioner. If your Jack has harsh hair, avoid using shampoos and conditioners, oil-based, as wool and its stiffness can become "pudgy" that reduces assessment at the exhibition. You can buy a special shampoo for paws with dispenser in pet stores, which will be useful for washing of the feet and stomach of the dog. Especially in winter, when our streets are watered with different chemistry, use this shampoo in the winter if necessary, it will help to protect the foot from irritation.

Why Jacks love lie in moldy stuff? If your Jack finds a dead mouse, bird, frog, he would certainly try to "perfume" that smell. Look, with what pleasure he was lying on a dead carcass. Even if you scold him and try to wean from a bad habit, the more likely you will be defeated. It is an ancient instinct. Ancient ancestors of dogs did the same to have a strange odor before hunting, thus attempting to mask their own smell.  The victim couldn’t sense the approaching hunter. The instinct of ancestors is still alive although your Jack is already domesticated. 

Dry your Jack with a towel after bathing. Hairdryer can scare him, and it dries skin very much. In the drying process, you'll have fun watching how your pet rushes headlong at the apartment, taking off on a bed, chair and jumping from them. So Jack independently accelerates the drying process. Play around with him, to encourage good behavior during bathing. After bathing, don’t try to take the pet for a walk at least a few hours, so he did not catch the cold.    


Jack’s coat requires a special care when Jack sheds hairs. Dogs, living on the street, shed hairs 2 times a year. Winter pelt changes to summer and vice versa in the off-season. Our pets live in an apartment, they do not notice the change of seasons acutely, they shed almost constantly. Only regular combing will help you get rid of annoying white fur around the house.

Accustom Jack to comb from puppyhood, because combing is the best way to remove dead hair. In addition, it is a good massage of the skin, it improves blood circulation and enhances the growth of new hair. Basically, Jacks love this procedure and gladly substitute the different parts of the body under your arm to comb. Shorthaired Jacks don’t need frequent combing, only one or two times a week. You can use a bristle brush, conventional metal comb or furminator (it’s very handy tool to extract the dead undercoat, affecting top hairs).

Coat of intermediate and wirehaired Jack, starting from 3-4 months should undergo trimming. Trimming (from English «to trim» - make in order to decorate) - it is a bit of an artificial molting. It consists in plucking dead dog's coat. Jack’s coat looks dull, uneven, its structure can be broken if you don’t do the procedure. Besides, the dead hair fall out and can provoke discomfort to Jack. You can learn how to do trimming, either manually or by using a special knife, you can hire a specialist. If you expose your pet at shows, it is best to turn to a professional who is familiar with the exhibition standards. Usually they do trimming one time in 2-3 month. Between trimmings you can comb Jack with ordinary comb.

Care for teeth

If you taught the puppy to clean the teeth, and continue with this procedure regularly, most likely, plaque and dental calculus won’t be formed. The rate of formation of plaque and dental calculus is very individual in each dog and depends on its physiological characteristics. Someone must attend canine dentist every six months, and someone does not need his services until old age. If you find a plaque on the teeth of  your pet, you must remove it.

You can do it yourself with a metal dental spatula. Plaque is removed very easily as eggshells if you gently move spatula from the gums down to the tooth. If you don’t decide to do this procedure yourself, the veterinarian will always help. 

Caring for the ears and eyes 

Take care of the purity of Jack’s eyes and ears. If they are clean, you don’t need any special care. If you notice any signs of dirt or any discharge in the ears, if there was a bad smell, clean it with a special ear lotion. Clean only visible part of the ear, without entering the ear canal. Sometimes the cleaning does not help, and Jack begins to scratch the ears, shaking his head. This can be either an inflammation of the ear mite. To pinpoint the cause, you need to do the analysis in the veterinary clinic. According to the results the doctor will prescribe treatment. Don’t attempt to treat without proper diagnosis because it can harm your pet.

Eyes can be washed with tea, chamomile extract, or an eye lotion. Small secretion are admissible, it may be dirt or dust, washed away by a tear. If the eyes were red, Jack scratch them by paws, use eye drops "sulfacetamide" to relieve irritation. If symptoms are still here, go on a visit to the vet.

Cleaning anal glands

Quite often the owners simply do not suspect that their pet has a paired glands located near the anus, called anal glands. But they all heard about the sharp and unpleasant smell of skunk. No wonder we have caught the expression "stinking like a skunk," although the skunk can’t be easily found in Russia. This unpleasant odor is produced by anal glands. They are under the tail of the dog, just like under the tail of skunk on both sides of the anus, at a position approximately 4 and 8 hours. The secretion of these glands secretes into the rectum to facilitate defecation. Also secretion is served to mark (spray) the territory.

If you notice that your Jack often licks himself under the tail, takes a bite fur around the anus, he had a strange unpleasant smell, so it needs cleaning anal glands. Bleeding ulcers may appear under the tail in severe cases. Do not wait until the gland inflames, take Jack to the vet or you can clean them yourself. Though this is unpleasant procedure, but rather simple. Take a paper towel folded in several layers. Hold the tail by left hand in an upright position, and put a napkin right on the anus. Push by thumb and index finger on both sides of the anus, as if you’re trying to squeeze out the liquid. You will see on the napkin light yellow or beige secretion, having an unpleasant odor.

Be careful and attentive, if you left a napkin loose you may spray secretion on clothing or on the wall. It is very difficult to get rid of this smell then.

It is believed that the inflammation of anal glands is result of overabundance of protein foods, lack of exercise, "divan lifestyle." If your Jack’s prostate often inflames, try to change the diet, to increase the duration of walks, to give him plenty of exercises.

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