Learning basic commands

My name is (the nickname)

You know what word most pleasant to the human ear? Of course, the proper name. For your Jack his nickname become also the most favorite word, because of its utterance necessarily will be some pleasant event. Better to choose a name for the puppy even before bring him home. Referring to the puppy, call him at first only by the name and avoiding every "kid", "sweetie", "handsome", etc. Hail puppy by the name, if he turns toward you, praise him or start the game. Then get away from him call him again. Treat him and praise every time he responds to his name. Very soon he will arise stable association his own nickname with something pleasant (dainty, play, praise, walk and so on.) 

Prohibitive command

The most important word you should teach your Jack is the word "NO" (Not, Leave it, Come, etc.). This word can you subsequently designate unwanted puppy’s behavior establish beyond what is permitted and forbidden. This word should be associated with any negative impacts that follow the command "No!" The impact can be anything. For example, on the street after the word "No", you can do jerk the leash. If Jack is doing something forbidden, being away from you, it can be something to throw. To do this in a pet store, you can buy special Fisher discs. This is analog to a bunch of clattering keys, which is pretty light, but produce a lot of noise. 

When you’ll teach your dog to prohibitive commands, it is important to offer alternative employment to replace objectionable to you. For example, Jack stopped nibbling chair leg at your command. And then what to do? He does not know what to do, to offer in exchange for some occupation something that like you both. 

If Jack is next to you and you do not like his actions, for example, he pulls your pants, say "No" and lightly pinch his inguinal fold - skin crease between the hind legs and abdomen (it does not hurt, but quite unpleasant) he immediately let go of pants to see that there is a sting. There is no need to raise your voice and scare him. Very soon, Jack realizes that after the

word  "No" should be an unpleasant sensation and will stop any doings you don’t like. Generously praise puppy for obedience and offers him an alternative game. 


This is the second most important command after prohibitive one. This command will help you avoid a lot of trouble while walking. For example, your Jack starts catch a cat which interest him across a busy street. The command "Come!"will stop him, perhaps even save his life. This command can be trained to treat or a toy. You give the command "Come!" and try to attract the attention of your Jack by voice, treats, toys squeak. When he is coming to you with interest, encourage him, praise. This may be a game or a treat. Practise this command at home so that Jack performed it with joyful enthusiasm. 

All dogs are divided into "gaming" and "food", depending on whether the promotion preferable for them. Someone more willing to respond to the food, and someone to the toy. Basically, all Jacks are "gaming" dogs.

Then you can complicate the task and move onto the street, where are a lot of distractions. Begin to give a command when Jack on a leash and you have the ability to manage. When the command is performed well with the leash, try to remove it. During a walk as often as possible beckon Jack by the command "Come!" Every time encourage him.

Static commands

These commands are "sit", "stay", "lie down". They are very useful commands to fix the dog for a while, waiting. For example, you come from a walk with Jack, he needs to wash his paws. But first you need to undress yourself. You give him the command "Lie down" and "Wait" so he won’t  soil your entire apartment, at this time you calmly undress, go, turn on the water in the bathroom, and only then you are calling the dog. 

Dogs learn the command "Sit" very quickly. However, if you expose your pet at exhibitions, you should teach him the command  "Stay" first so he wouldn’t try to sit down at the slightest opportunity, and stood calmly. 


Stand in front of Jack, take a treat in your hand and lift it above the level of his eyes. When he raises his head to look at the treat, with your free hand push his croup, so that Jack sat down. When he sits, give the command "sit", praise him and give treats. Several times repeat. 

«Lie down»

Jack is in a sitting position. You hold your hand in front of his nose with a delicacy and gradually lower your hand down and slightly forward. Puppy will try to reach the  hand and take the prone position. Then give the command "Lie down", after praise him and give a treat. 


You do with a leash or in any other way so that Jack is standing. After that, give the command "stand", praise him and give a treat. 


After Jack taught static teams, train him to stay in one position for as long as it’s necessary. For example, give the command "sit", after Jack sits down, encourage him, then take a couple of steps away from him, saying, "Wait." If he remained seated, return to him and praise him. If he stood up for you, return him to the first position, without encouragement. Increase the distance gradually. Then try to go to the other room.
Jack has to be sure that you will return to him and praise him no matter how long you were absent.

Try to perform the command "Wait" on the street where a lot of interesting and distracting

We gave the simplest and most useful commands that are useful in everyday life. However, you are free to expand the list, it's a matter of your personal fantasy. 

Jacks adore training and they are able to learn a variety of commands and various tricks. 

Go ahead, have fun both - you and your Jack!

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