Occupation for your Jack

"Your energy would be useful for peaceful purposes" – that’s it and you can tell it by right. He has very much energy, that’s why he is constantly looking for something to do. Remember how kid are hanging around the house in search of a game, pestering you and distracting from the "important" things.  Jack also needs a leader who will tell him what to do. If you learn to direct it, and he will find a variety of entertainment, it will bring pleasure to both of you. So, what to do with your unruly pet? 


Which comes from England, it is known in the US since the 30s of last century. But the international level of this entertaining sport with a dog came out in 1995. The dog learns to perform a number of commands in the process of training. The main condition is the absence of a leash on the dog. This is a very useful obedience course for urban dogs, because exercises are performed under different conditions, with many patronize factors. If you want your Jack was controlled dog the course is for you. 

Basic commands that are taught in the course authority:
"Come!" - The dog must immediately come to the owner, wherever the dog is, and whatever the dog does. 

"Heel!" - The movement next to the master without a leash, turns during constriction, the change of pace.

Slow speed by command "Sit!", "Lie down", "Stay!" 

Perform various commands in motion. 

Perform commands from gestures, without a voice.
Overcoming obstacles on command.
Finding the object by host smell.
If your Jack demonstrates the wonders of obedience you can take part with him in competitions, it's very exciting. 


This is a relatively young sport with a dog, which was invented in England in the late 80s of last century. It appeared in our country relatively recently. Handling and athleticism as your Jack and your own harmoniously combine in this fascinating sport. The meaning of agility is overcoming various obstacles such as suspended tires, tunnels and mazes, swinging boards etc. Moreover, the composition of the obstacles and their sequence is always changing.
Keep in mind that for agility classes you and your Jack should be in good shape. 

In addition, your dog should listen you well, to be controlled, so you can be one team. You both will be able to enjoy agility only under these conditions. 

The burrows (the hole)

The burrow probably will be most fascinating pastime for Jack, a born hunter. After all his working qualities that were fixed in the process of selection, remain with him, even if he lives in a city apartment. Besides fun, your pet can get worker diploma, which is necessary for obtaining the titles of National Club. Having a working diploma, you will be able to exhibit your Jack at exhibitions in the working class. 

Now there are a sufficient number of the burrows stations, choose the nearest to you and go ahead! 

Your pet will be very grateful to you. 


Frisbee - is the name of a flying disc. Games with any kind of flying disc also known as "Frisbee". The meaning is very simple: you throw the disc, and your Jack in flight must catch it. Being a very bouncy dog by nature, Jack seems made ​​for this sport. Even if you're not going to compete on a Frisbee, buy one and play with Jack, he will love the sport. 


Flyball is from English, «fly ball» is a flying ball. It is still quite rare in our sport. He invented in America in the late 60s of last century. A special machine is mounted on a track. The dog should run to the machine on command and press the lever. After that, the ball flies out of the machine, which the dog should catch and bring a host. It's very entertaining and fun sport for your active Russell. 

Freestyle - Dancing with a dog

This exotic sport is still underdeveloped in Russia. Man and dog look surprisingly harmonious, moving to the music in the single figure of the dance. If you are creative, enjoy dancing, than the freestyle is that you need.

Jack Russell Terrier is easily trained and highly adaptable dog. It can also be used as a working dog on water birds on a blood trail on the squirrel. Whatever activity you may invent with him, he will respond with joy, because there is no greater happiness for him than work alongside his master. 

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