The exhibitions of Jacks

If you purchased a show class Jack Russell terrier, going to take part in dogs show with him, do not forget about it. Many owners are simply too lazy to exhibit their pets because this is a great work, for both the owner and for the dog. "Why should we go to the exhibition? Jack has a good pedigree, he is so beautiful and we love him" You may ask.
Exhibition is an assessment of the exterior of the dog. Judge-experts assess how the dog fit to accepted international standards of the breed. 

Exhibitions are held in order to assess the best of the breed, keep trends in the development of the breed, cull undesirable qualities of the breed. 

Judges assess how your Jack corresponds to ideal type, proportions, addition, movement and temperament.
If you want to get an objective assessment of your pet be ready for the exhibition since his puppyhood. You need to teach him how to move around the ring at a trot, to stand in the position, showing the bite to the judge. All this is quite simple. But it is better if professional shows you how to move, stand, and so on. You should be able to emphasize the dignity of Jack in the ring, to reveal its natural beauty before the judge. It often happens

that the dog is excellent but can’t be fully appreciated because doesn’t know how to behave in the ring. You can yourself expose your pet on the ring, and can refer to the handler that will do it for you. 

Depending on the age and existing titles, you can put the dog in the following classes: 

Baby - 4 to 6 months;
Puppies - 6 to 9 months;
Junior - 9 to 18 months;
Intermediate - from 15 to 24 months;
Outdoor - 15 months.
Winners Class, Work, champion class - 15 months;
Veteran class - with 8 years. 

Don’t worry if your pet doesn’t get appreciated by experts. After all, judges are people too, with their own predilections and preferences. It may happen that another expert awards your Jack. Your pet won’t be worse he is still loyal to you, he are still cheerful and energetic. Keep in mind that it is not always from the perspective puppy grows champion.
Exhibition - is not only earning awards, but perfect communion, clubs. The main characters in clubs are Jacks. 

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