Are you familiar with the situation: a small dog is running on the court, and her blushing mistress with leash in hand after, calling her dog by manic voice and threatening dire punishment, as soon as she will get her? Is it funny? It is! Till this place is not for you. Then it's just sad - you can’t cope with the task and failed to become a leader. 

Dogs are pack creatures. Genetically they contain subordination to the leader of the pack. Animals are able to build a hierarchical relationship perfectly. Each individual knows his place in the pack, he knows what to expect from the rest. This knowledge brings harmony and peace in the life of the dog. As soon as you bring your puppy into your home, you and your family, including all other pets, became his pack. Do not miss a single day, immediately declare your  rights to the title of the owner, the alpha male of the pack. It doesn’t matter whether you can be a female. 

How to do it? Start simple lessons on obedience from the first day of training your little Jack. Do not be embarrassed that he is still so small. He is really small, but very clever. Do not expect miracles immediately, have patience, observe the sequence and be patient. 

First lessons must be very short, just 1-2 minutes. Gradually you will increase the time, but still no more than 30 minutes, otherwise it will be difficult to Jack to focus on you. 

Here are the simple rules that must be followed when engaging with the puppy.

    • Use positive reinforcement (reward) always at the correct performance of the command. Reward can be individual for each dog; some dogs respond well to treat some like the game elements, some appreciate pats and praise. 
    • Never yell at your dog, do not use rude tone when Jack did not listen to you or do quite what you wanted from him. 
    • Never beat Jack by hand. This can lead to fear that he will begin afraid of your hands. 
    • Any occupation must end on a positive note.  The last should be an exercise well known to Jack that he performs as "excellent". Be generous with praise and encouragement. Play with him after training.
    • Do not try to teach Jack to complex commands at once. Training should be step by step. It should be from simple to complex.
    • Identify commands by simple monosyllabic words and not sentences. Reinforce command by gestures. Invent your own gesture to each command. Subsequently, it can be very useful when your pet is old, and his ears become weak. 
    • Do not change the names of commands and gestures, once established. 
    • Repeat once learned commands, otherwise they will be forgotten: "Repetition is the mother of learning." 
    • Do not repeat the command more than once. If he did not react to it at first, do not repeat it, and even more so, do not raise your voice. Just take a break, waiting for response from the puppy. Pause should be short - 1-2 seconds, otherwise the puppy will forget what is expected of him. If he is satisfied, but he didn’t perform the command, do not praise him (when instead of "sit" he lay down). Just forcibly make him perform the desired command (sit) and praise him. 
    • Be generous with praise and treats when Jack correctly performs the command. 
    • When you give a treat, do not stretch it at arm's length. During feeding the treats Jack gets used to your hands and associates them with a treat. 
    • Practise when Jack isn’t hungry, after a meal.
If Jack is your first dog, it would be wise of you to invite a specialist who would teach you how to properly engage with the puppy to escape misunderstanding or ignorance. Instead you could consolidate unwanted behavior from Jack. An experienced dog specialist will train you, not the dog. 

A common mistake made by novice trainers is repeating the command several times, and with a raised voice. Repeat it, you do not teach your pet to hear the command from the first time. 

After that you will teach the dog yourself. One of the worst owners’ mistakes is that by inviting the specialist, they consider: "dog in the hands of a specialist," and don’t try to attend classes, referring to employment. Of course, the specialist will teach the dog commands and obedience. That's just a question whom Jack will listen to?

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