All about Jack Russell Terriers breeding

To breed a dog or not? Breeding
To breed a dog or not?

This is one of those questions that you have to answer before you buy a puppy. Even if you have made the decision and purchased puppies from titled parents with a good pedigree, even that is not enough.

Mating a dog, Q&A Breeding
Mating a dog, Q&A

At what age can a dog be knit? How often can a male dog be knit? How to choose the right time to mate? Where should I mate? Why can a mating not happen? What is a lock and what is it for? What to do after the mating? What is a test mating?

Childbirth Breeding

Although in nature canine companions do a fine job of giving birth on their own, you shouldn't rely on nature. Your dog lives in a different environment, eats different foods, and is largely dependent on you.

False pregnancy in dogs Breeding
False pregnancy in dogs

False pregnancy is a syndrome of physiological and mental disorders in a female that occurs after a heat that is not accompanied by insemination, it should be noted that false pregnancy is a syndrome, not a disease. False pregnancy can be called pseudo-pregnancy.

Pregnancy Breeding

Pregnancy in a dog lasts 58-63 days. The average is 63 days.