Cage. Evil or good?

Cage. Evil or good?

When it comes to buying a cage for a puppy, most people perceive this step very negatively. In our minds, we associate a cage with a "dog prison. How can you put that little cutie in a cage?

Cage. Evil or good?

Isn't it a mockery, isn't it cruelty to a defenseless baby? You hear indignant remarks from all sides.

However, this is another common misconception. Of course, you can turn the cage into a prison, which little Jack will be afraid of and try to avoid. But you can make of it a boon, both for the puppy and you. Proper training, inoculation to the cage, will turn it into "Jack's house", his personal, private territory, where he can be alone with himself, to hide, to fence himself off from the irritating environment.

The main rule in cage training: never lock Jack in the cage as a punishment!

Cage training is a great way to make your puppy feel safe and give him confidence.

Make the cage a comfortable and cozy nest: put in soft bedding, new toys, and tasty chewy bones. Play with your puppy for a while, take him for a walk and then put him back in his cage for a while. He may whimper at first. Go out into another room so he can't see you. When he calms down, come back, open the cage, let Jack out. Play with him. Gradually increase his time in the cage.

Pretty soon your Jack will go into his cage and stay there even with the door open, treating it as his private territory.

Make your children aware that when your puppy is in the cage, you must not touch him. Teach them to respect the dog's privacy.

As Jack learns to sit quietly in his cage, you may be tempted to leave him in the cage for hours at a time, even when you are home. Don't do this, let him out of the cage as soon as you get home. Praise him for his independence and encourage him with games and treats. Remember, a cage is an important tool in puppy training, not a prison. Use it wisely.

How to choose the right cage?

It should not be too big and not too small. The cage should have plenty of room for cozy bedding, toys, and a place to go to the toilet. Provide access to freshwater, for which some special drinkers are attached to the cage.