Do you want to show your dog?

Do you want to show your dog?

Question: Do you want a show dog or just a pet?

Do you want to show your dog?

In each litter, the puppies are already evaluated and the promising show dogs are highlighted among them. Outwardly you may not notice any difference. Yes, there is no difference. Well, it only lies in how closely a puppy meets the breed standard. And only an expert or experienced breeder can notice these differences. For the rest - in behavior, temperament, physical conditions, the puppies are identical.

Only the price differs. Buying a show-class puppy, you should be prepared to pay a little more. And you should also keep in mind that the show career of the dog is also not cheap. For example, paying for classes with a handler. The word "handler" comes from the English "handling", which means management. A handler is a person who manages the dog at the show in the ring. He can also deal with the dog to prepare it for the show - to teach it how to move in the ring, to take a show stance.

Show fees, dog "show" condition, travel to the show site, veterinary certificates - all these are additional and fairly significant costs.

If you want to spay your pet, his show career should be over.

Jack Russell Terrier at the show

Buying a puppy, as we call it in the home, "for yourself", you can save a little money on the purchase and then not bear the costs associated with shows. However, you should be aware that you can not save significantly on the purchase, as the dog "cheaper" is likely to disappoint you and will not have the qualities for which you liked the breed. It's not for nothing that its price is quite low, is it?