Jack Russell Terrier

Pleasant troublesPuppy and You
Pleasant troubles

Have you made your choice, found that unique and long-awaited one who will be a member of your family for the coming years? Can't wait to bring him home? Keep in mind, however, that it is not advisable to take your puppy away from his mother before 6 weeks of age.

Cage. Evil or good?Puppy and You
Cage. Evil or good?

When it comes to buying a cage for a puppy, most people perceive this step very negatively. In our minds, we associate a cage with a "dog prison. How can you put that little cutie in a cage?

Safe HomePuppy and You
Safe Home

Remember how in the famous cartoon the little kitten was getting to know his surroundings and hummed, "There's a lot of trouble on the left, a lot of trouble on the right..." Your little Jack could hum the same tune.

Hello, Jack, first day in the housePuppy and You
Hello, Jack, first day in the house

You have prepared perfectly for Jack. Finally, the long-awaited event happened: you brought him home, so touching, so defenseless, and so smilingly adorable.

Setting RulesPuppy and You
Setting Rules

Before accepting little Jack into your home, agree with all family members on common rules that everyone will abide by strictly.

Puppy toilet trainingPuppy and You
Puppy toilet training

Newborn puppies cannot empty on their own. Their mother massages the puppies' bellies to stimulate emptying.

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