All about Jack Russell Terrier Health

Your dog's healthHealth
Your dog's health

Keeping your pet in good health is one of the most important and responsible tasks of every owner. Perhaps anyone who has had or has had a tobacco dog is certainly familiar with the anxiety, hopelessness, and pain of waiting for the diagnosis of their sick pet.

When to go to the vet without delayHealth
When to go to the vet without delay

After examining your Jack, you must decide whether to go to the vet immediately or whether you can wait for the disease to develop further, which may go away the next day.

Infectious diseases of dogsHealth
Infectious diseases of dogs

It is a well-known truth that disease is easier to prevent than to treat. An interesting fact is that puppies receive their first-ever vaccination against infectious diseases with the first sip of their mother's colostrum.


Internal and external parasites in dogs.

Is it worth spaying a Jack Russell Terrier?Health
Is it worth spaying a Jack Russell Terrier?

This question every dog owner asks himself unless he bought a puppy for breeding and show career.

Jack Russell Terrier in heatHealth
Jack Russell Terrier in heat

You have a young bitch in the house and now you have to learn how to periodically go through the heat cycle with her and adjust to this inevitable process.

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