With Jack to the show

With Jack to the show

If you have purchased a show-class Jack Russell Terrier, if you are going to go to shows with him, do not forget about it.

With Jack to the show

Many owners are just too lazy to show their pets because it's a lot of work for both the owner and the dog. "Why to go to shows if your Jack already has a good pedigree if he's already handsome and loved?" - you ask.

A show is an evaluation of a dog's exterior. Expert judges evaluate how well a dog meets accepted international breed standards.

Shows are held to evaluate the best of the breed, to see what trends are being observed in the development of the breed, and to cull undesirable qualities in the breed.

Judges will assess how your Jack fits the ideal type, proportions, build, movement and temperament.

If you want an objective evaluation of your pet, have him ready to show from puppyhood. You need to teach him to move around the ring trot, stand in a stand, show the judge the bite. All of this is fairly easy. But it's better to have a professional handler show you how to move, stand, etc. After all, you need to be able to emphasize the dignity of Jack in the ring, to reveal his natural beauty in front of the judge. It sometimes happens, that a dog with an excellent exterior can't be appreciated because he can't behave himself in the ring. You can take your dog into the ring yourself, or you can ask a handler to do it for you.

Depending on the age and titles held, you can exhibit your dog in the following classes:

  • Baby - from 4 to 6 months;
  • Puppies - 6 to 9 months;
  • Juniors - 9 to 18 months;
  • Intermediate - from 15 to 24 months;
  • Open - from 15 months.
  • Winner Class, Working Class, Champion Class - from 15 months of age;
  • Veteran class - from 8 years of age.

Don't get upset if your pet doesn't get a high expert rating. After all, judges are people too, with their preferences and preferences. It may happen that another expert will give a high score to your Jack. And even if not, your pet is not worse, he's still loyal to you, as cheerful and energetic. Keep in mind that not always a promising puppy becomes a champion.

The show is not only earning grades, but also a great socializing, a club of interests, in which the main characters are Jackie.