How do I walk my dog outside?

How do I walk my dog outside?

Dogs that walk on a leash are sometimes called captives in their circles.

How do I walk my dog outside?

Always try to let your dog in safe places so that he tickles his belly in the grass and feels the wind of freedom, but as soon as your dog smells another dog, especially a girl, then consider that you lost your dog for a while, the dog does not belong to anyone at this moment, not even to himself - he is at the mercy of the smell.

So what to do, so that Jack was not a prisoner, but at the same time did not become a deserter? The answer is very simple: Teach the four-legged dog to walk without a leash, but not far from you. Make it pretty easy, the main thing in time: when the dog is still a baby, not afraid to let him go, but always, always!!! You must have a treat in your hands. 

When a little friend approaches you and you give him a tasty treat, this must happen systematically - then your pet will develop a chain "master-tasty-happy". When the dog comes up to you, you mustn't scold him in any case, because then the dog will have a different chain of perception of "master-cry-hate-bad"! 

That said, feel free to talk to your pet so that he responds to your voice. What's more, if you always say the same thing at certain times, your dog will start to perceive these words as commands - and this is a new level of understanding with your pet!

Be patient and don't be in a hurry to start walking your dog without a leash.

The only exception: these are places near the road! You and I are the ones who understand what to do there and when to cross, for a dog, especially a jack, the road, and cars are a practical challenge! If you're not sure that the beagle will stand next to you and not rush anywhere, it's better to have a captive dog, but alive!