Frequent questions about dog nutrition

Frequent questions about dog nutrition

Frequent questions about dog nutrition.

Frequent questions about dog nutrition

Why does a dog eat grass? Mostly he eats grass because he likes the smell of it and therefore the taste. Also, dogs eat grass to cleanse their stomachs and regurgitate the grass with its contents in a lot.

Jack gets gas a lot. What to do about it? Gas in a dog's intestines can form for a variety of reasons. One is a change of food. Another is that Jack ate something unusual for him, treating himself to our, human food. If he's gassy all the time, the food you're feeding him probably isn't right. Change his food.

If Jack ate a dead mouse or bird in the yard, what to do? The danger may be that the mouse has died from the poison people gave it, and the mouse itself has become poisonous. In addition, rodents and other wild animals can be infected with parasites or even rabies. Of course, it's best to take your Jack to the vet right away, taking the remains of the prey with you for analysis. If not, keep a close eye on his health and behavior. In general, a well-mannered Jack should not pick up and even more so, eat something on the street. This means you made a mistake in his upbringing.

People get tired of the monotony of food. Does Jack need a variety of foods? The most common misconception among owners: My Jack is tired of eating the same thing every day and needs to change his food often. This is not true. The more consistent a dog's diet, the better his health. Frequent changes in food lead to digestive disorders, diarrhea, and allergies, of course, the change of food is possible, but only when indicated, due to a change in the health of the dog, due to the occurrence of allergies, etc.

Why does my Jack eat feces? This habit (called "coprophagia" in veterinary medicine), affects almost every member of the canine kingdom, regardless of breed or purpose. It's unclear exactly why, but dogs love to do it. One opinion is that from other people's feces, dogs happen to be missing substances that are not in their diet. However, if Jack also has a completely balanced diet, this explanation seems dubious.

This is most likely a physiological problem and can be solved with the help of special pet preparations available at the veterinary drugstore. If you notice this behavior in your Jack, include such preparations in his diet.