Where to buy a Jack Russell Terrier puppy?

Where to buy a Jack Russell Terrier puppy?

Perhaps this is another one of the most important pieces of advice for those wishing to purchase a Jack Russell Terrier: never buy a dog at the market.

Where to buy a Jack Russell Terrier puppy?

Apart from the fact that you may buy a dog of a completely unknown breed, white with red spots, remotely resembling a Russell, there is a very high probability of buying a sick animal. Refrain from acting impulsively.

The question of choosing a breeder should be very careful. Choosing the right seller will allow you to be confident that you will get exactly the dog that you imagined. The breed is not yet very popular and widespread in Russia, so there are not many breeders. All Jack kennels can be easily found on the Internet. A good way to choose a breeder - visit Russell mono breed shows, where you can see representatives of different kennels. There you can also look at the parents, find out their show merits, just chat with the owners to learn more about the breed. The owners will be happy to tell you about the charms of their pets.

Once you've chosen several kennels, visit each of them. All kennels are happy to invite future owners, to ensure that the puppy falls into the right hands. If they refuse the visit or offer to drive the puppy to you, you should be wary and cross the kennel off your list.

When going to the kennel, make a list of questions that you should ask. Of course, there are many questions, especially if this is your first dog. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask:

  • How old is the kennel? Is it possible to get the phone number of those who have already bought puppies from the kennel?
  • How many litters per year do you have? Is it possible to see the parents? (Of course, the bitch will be shown to you as she is near the puppies. And the male may be from another kennel. Inquire about their coordinates).
  • Ask about the temperament of the kennel dogs.
  • What genetic abnormalities were found in the kennel?
  • Do the kennel dogs and their children participate in shows?
  • Check for a puppy's puppy stamps and puppy cards.
  • Check the veterinary certificate. If the puppies have not yet had their first vaccinations, the passport may not be available. Check with the breeder for the date of the first vaccination. 
Asking questions, try to find a common language with the breeder, feel whether you feel comfortable talking to him, whether you trust him. After all, this person will accompany your dog in the future in life: whether you want to show it, breed it, or it will have health problems.

Every competent breeder is certainly concerned about the fate of his pets, which is why he will certainly, in turn, ask you counter questions. Here are some of them:

  • Have you ever had a dog before? Do you know the Jack Russell Terrier breed? And why did you choose this particular breed?
  • How old are your children?
  • Do you live in an apartment or in the country? What's your temperament - do you like walking, exercise, or prefer a quiet lifestyle?
  • Will you be showing your dog?
  • Will you be breeding your dog?
You should be wary if the breeder is willing to sell you a puppy without asking about the conditions in which you will keep Jack. Most likely, the dogs here are bred solely for-profit and the puppies were raised without proper attention to their health and nutrition.

So, you visited several kennels, saw the breeders and parents of your future family member, and decided on one of them. Even if this kennel does not have any litters for sale right now, have patience, sign up for a future