Your dog's health

Maintaining good health of your pet is one of the most important and challenging tasks of each owner. Perhaps someone who has already had a dog, or has certainly familiar with the anxiety, despair and pain of so many pending diagnosis of his ailing pet.

Living at home, the dog can’t take care of herself it is entirely dependent on her host. How well you can take care of her health (both preventive and symptomatic), depends how long the dog will remain your faithful companion. 

How healthy is your Jack?

Jack Russell Terriers have a pretty health by nature. They don’t have such birth defects as hip dysplasia, the cardiovascular diseases are also rare, the diseases of the joints in old age hardly occurs because the dog is pretty light.

Jacks are susceptible to infectious and parasitic diseases as all the other dogs and of course, injuries due to accidents.
Pay always close attention to the behavior of your Jack. He refuses to eat, prefers to lie quietly in his place instead to play with you, he’s not calling you for a walk? He worries, can’t find a place? He whines when walking? Any change in the habitual behavior of Jack is a cause for alarm. Of course he may have mood changes, not related to the disease. For example, in the period before the estrus the bitch can be slightly depressed and have sad mood.

Normal temperature of Jack is 38,5-38,7 C. They measure the temperature rectally.

Here are some fairly simple techniques which can help determine whether your pet is healthy.

  • The nose of healthy dog is always damp and cool. However, when the dog is asleep, the nose is dry and warm.
  • The eyes are clean, with no secretions. If you noticed that the eyes were bluish or dimmed, it can be a sign of a cataract, which is more common in older dogs. 

  • Jack's ears should be light pink color inside the ear, cold to the touch, odorless. If your pet frequently shakes his head, scratch the ears - these are the first signs of ear diseases. The ears may be inflamed or he has ear mite. 

  • The coat should be shiny, smooth, clean skin, no redness, scratching and rash. Check the hair and skin of your Jack also for parasites - ticks and fleas, especially working dogs, walking most of the time on the street.
  • Jack’s movement should be free, easy, should not give him any discomfort. If you notice Jack's pain on motion, carefully touch his legs and body to determine the source of pain.

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