Forbidden foods for dogs

Forbidden foods for dogs

The article listed prohibited foods for dogs.

Forbidden foods for dogs

Chocolate. You may be surprised, but one of our most beloved foods, is a deadly poison to a dog, Even a small piece of chocolate can be deadly to your Jack because of its small size. That's because chocolate contains theobromine, a natural alkaloid found in cocoa beans. Theobromine affects your dog's heart and central nervous system so that he can have a heart attack, internal bleeding, or an epileptic seizure.

Onions and Garlic are toxic to dogs in large quantities because they contain the toxic substance thiosulfate. This substance, in large doses, causes anemia in the animal.

Grapes and Raisins in large quantities can lead to acute kidney failure.

Broccoli, our beloved and treasured cabbage, happens to contain isocyanate, a powerful gastrointestinal irritant. Large amounts of broccoli can cause severe pain for Jack. However, in small amounts (up to 5% of the daily diet), it is very beneficial because broccoli is thought to increase the body's resistance to cancer,

Raw salmon, which we love so much in sushi, is also toxic to Jack,

Mushrooms are too heavy a food for humans too, and for a small dog can be toxic and cause digestive upset, liver disease,

Turkey skin is very hard to digest in a dog's stomach and can cause acute pancreatitis.

Chicken bones and any hollow tubular bones gnawed by a dog turn into sharp splinters that can cause stomach bleeding.

If you think Jack has eaten any prohibited food, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Keep in mind that Jacks are natural-born jumpers and resourceful tricksters, put away foods that might attract Jack by smell, out of reach.