Useful exercises for puppies

Useful exercises for puppies

The command is very important in establishing your dominance over your dog.

Useful exercises for puppies

Learning to eat on command 

This command is very important for establishing your dominance over your dog. You are the master of the pack, the one who brings the food and the one who establishes the order of meals. A Jack trained to eat on command will never growl at his owner during a meal, even if you want to take a tasty treat out of his toothy mouth.

Give puppy the sit command. When he obeys the command, put a bowl in front of him. If he gets up to eat, take the bowl away and give the "sit" command again. Repeat until the puppy remains in the "sit" position at the sight of the bowl. Then give the "eat" or "may" command, inviting Jack to the bowl with a motion. Praise him when he starts to eat.

Teaching obedience 

This exercise is useful for early establishment of a dominant-subordinate relationship in the master-dog pair.

Your little Jack is playing around, running around, getting excited about playing and can't settle down. Take him in your arms, sit him down, put him on your lap with his tummy up and his head towards you. Put your hand on his lap with your arm around his chest. He will struggle. Don't scold him or try to reason with him. Be nonchalant and calm. Wait until he is relaxed under your hand and stops lashing out. Only then let him go, and don't forget to praise him generously.