How to choose the right puppy

How to choose the right puppy

When you see a puppy Russell, well, it is impossible not to fall in love at first sight. So you want to take them all at once to your home, they are so irresistible, cute, funny. How to cope with their enthusiasm and make a choice?

How to choose the right puppy

Keep your emotions in check, step back a few steps, and simply observe the puppies' play and behavior. This observation will help you understand each puppy's peculiarities. One is trying to tear his sister's ear off, then his brother's. Another backs up and barks at the biting aggressor. The third quietly sits back and thoughtfully observes. You'll see that each puppy has a distinct personality.

Moreover, each is already born with an individual temperament, character, and tendencies,

As you watch, one of the puppies will increasingly catch your eye. Ask the breeder to show you this puppy up close. Notice how he will behave alone: does he whine pitifully, looking for his fellows? Does he continue to play alone? Does he rush to your arms and try to lick your face? You can tell a lot about his temperament from this behavior.

If he wants to come into your arms and kiss you, he's socialized. On the other hand, if he tries to wriggle out of your arms, wriggling and kicking you with four paws, he'll be more of an independent dog.

Flip the puppy onto his back. Is he putting up a real fight with you? He'll have a strong independent character. Is the puppy following you closely and seems to be listening intently to you? Most likely this means he's intellectually well-developed.

There is a perception that the biggest puppy in the litter is the most well-developed and intellectual. Yes, he dominates his littermates, but only because of his size. However, later on, he can grow up to be a shy, timid animal.

After you have finally decided on a puppy, try to assess its health yourself.

Here are some tips
  • Puppy's eyes should be shiny, clean, and free of discharge.
  • Ears: Look inside your puppy's ears. They should be pink in color, clean, odorless, with no traces of discharge or dirt. There should not be any traces of scratching, which could indicate a food allergy.
  • The nose should be moist, shiny and cool.
  • There should be no unpleasant odor coming from the puppy. He smells like delicious mother's milk, and so pleasant that you want to sniff it endlessly.
  • His tail should be clean with no trace of feces.
  • His teeth should be white and his gums pink, with no bad breath.
  • The coat should be shiny and smooth, not sticking out in random shreds.
  • The skin should be clean, without any signs of inflammation, without dandruff, redness or scratching.
  • Palpate the tail along its entire length. It should be free of kinks.
  • The abdomen should be soft and not swollen.
Have you made your choice, found that unique and long-awaited one who will be a member of your family for years to come? Can't wait to bring him home? Keep in mind, however, that it is not advisable to take a puppy away from his mother before 6 weeks of age.