Jack Russell Terrier

What is he like, Jack Russell TerrierTemperament
What is he like, Jack Russell Terrier

Russell is a big dog with a small body. If you compare his origins to those of today's Fox Terriers, Jack turns out to be closer to his age-old ancestors, created to hunt and work in the den, who needed persistent training.

Myths and Reality of Jack Russell TerriersTemperament
Myths and Reality of Jack Russell Terriers

Undoubtedly, the small size, appearance, and amusingly clever expression of Jacks' muzzle have led to several misconceptions about this breed.

What to expectTemperament
What to expect

Jack is always looking for something to do. Whether it's going for a walk, playing with the ball or other dogs, watching passersby from the window, barking at the yard cleaner. The more activities he has in his life, the happier he is.

Key behavioral issuesTemperament
Key behavioral issues

The main cause of behavioral problems in Russells is a lack of physical and mental activity. They need constant work or play to occupy their body and mind.

Children and dogsTemperament
Children and dogs

One of the most important tips: if you have children under the age of 6 in your family, try to always be present when the child and the puppy are playing.

Dog and other animals in the houseTemperament
Dog and other animals in the house

When you decide to get a Jack Russell Terrier, you wonder, "How will he get along with my pets?"

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