Jack Russell Terrier

Your Jack's Feelings Your Life
Your Jack's Feelings

The Jack Russell Terrier is a richly gifted, intelligent and highly trainable breed. Like humans, Jack has the same five senses. They are smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste.

Training and training Your Life
Training and training

Do you know the situation: the little dog is running around the yard, and behind her the flushed owner with a leash in her hand, madly calling to her dog and threatening terrible punishment as soon as it is caught in her hands? Funny? Yes, it is!

Learning basic commands Your Life
Learning basic commands

The simplest and most useful commands that are useful in everyday life.

Leash training Your Life
Leash training

You should start training to the leash with training to the collar.

Dog fights Your Life
Dog fights

For some reason, it is thought that Jackies are naturally aggressive, especially males, who like to fight with other dogs. This is not true.

What to occupy your Jack with Your Life
What to occupy your Jack with

"Your energy for peaceful purposes," that's what you could rightly say to your beloved Jack. He's got a lot of energy, and he's always looking for something to do.

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