What to expect

What to expect

Jack is always looking for something to do. Whether it's going for a walk, playing with the ball or other dogs, watching passersby from the window, barking at the yard cleaner. The more activities he has in his life, the happier he is.

What to expect

Watch him. He seems to take great pleasure in being a clown and making people around him laugh. He smiles all over his mouth when he is laughed at. He generally likes to be pleased with his owner and will try his best to please you.

Russell is a cheerful, friendly dog who can't stand being alone. He must always be in the zone of attention of his owner. And if you do not notice him, he will pester you, jump up, nudge you, even bite you, so that you finally paid attention to him. Quite often the situation is when all family members all day at work, at school, and Jack is alone at home. Lack of communication can make him an unhappy and unpredictable dog. For this reason, the breed will not suit busy people. This is also one of the most common reasons why owners give up their pets, not being able to cope with their natural qualities.

The origin of the breed and its development as a hunting and working, has led to the development of special qualities that are unique to the Russell. It is impossible not to mention its amazing intelligence and ability to solve problems independently. To outsmart a fox in his den, in the dark, is not an easy task, forcing him to make quick decisions depending on the fox's actions.

In addition, you need to have a lot of persistence and indefatigability. These are necessary qualities to drive the beast out of hiding, be it on the ground or underground.

Even though in the process of evolution Russells turned from hunters into companion dogs, their natural qualities have not disappeared. If skillfully used and guided, Jack will become a great friend and family member.

Oddly enough, Jack's decision-making ability becomes an obstacle to his training. Simply because he is already too smart and knows for himself what he needs in this life. The correct tactic in training Russells is through play, and never through suppression of a dog's individuality. Russell should love and respect his owner, but not fear him.