What to occupy your Jack with

What to occupy your Jack with

"Your energy for peaceful purposes," that's what you could rightly say to your beloved Jack. He's got a lot of energy, and he's always looking for something to do.

What to occupy your Jack with

Think of children wandering around the house looking for a game to play, pestering you, and distracting you from "important" things. Jack needs a leader to tell him what to do. If you learn how to guide him, and find a variety of activities for him to do, it's fun for both of you. So what do you do to keep your restless little pet occupied?

They range from the familiar General Training Course (GTC) and Doggie Warden Duty (3WD) to the exotic Freestyle (doggy dancing), Jackie is very versatile and talented and can be trained in many different skills. Whatever you choose will help you raise Jack, make him more obedient, balanced, calm, and most importantly, strengthen you in his eyes as a leader. 

General training course

It is our domestic development for the Russian service dog breeding industry. The main goal of OKD is working out in dog obedience, establishing contact with the owner. This type of training is a kind of "Primer" for a dog, a basis on which you can then impose any other special types of training. You can start practically from the birth of the puppy and then strengthen the developed skills throughout his life. What commands are taught to a dog in OKD?

  • Besides, standing, sitting, lying down.

In addition:

  • object handling;
  • overcoming barriers;
  • approaching and returning to the place;
  • calm attitude to the muzzle;
  • showing bite;
  • stopping unwanted actions;
  • calm attitude to the shot.

Protective Guard Service

It is also a Russian development. It takes its origins from the military trends in training. The name of the course speaks for itself: the dog is trained to protect its owner, his property, territory, home. It's not a spectacular course at all, in contrast to OKD. You may ask, will your little Jack be able to protect you? He's not a guard by nature, he's a hunter. That's true, of course, he won't be able to stop a robber, but some of the skills from this course might be useful, such as finding things with a certain smell, guarding things, refusing food offered by strangers, being quiet to gunshots and harsh sounds. After going through this type of training, you can be sure that your Jack will always respond appropriately to strangers and be predictable to you.


Obedience comes from England and has been known in the U.S. since the 1930s. But the international level of this entertaining sport with the dog came out in 1995. In the process of training, the dog is trained to perform some commands, with the main condition being the absence of a leash on the dog. This is a very useful obedience course for city dogs since the exercises are performed in different conditions, with many: guarding factors. If you want your Jack to be a perfectly controlled dog, this course is for you.

The basic commands that are taught in officiating:

 "Come here!" - the dog must immediately come to the owner, wherever he is and whatever he is doing.

 "Near!" - movement next to the master without a leash, turns during constriction, change of pace.

Long endurance on the command "Sit!", "Down!", "Freeze!".

Execution of various commands in motion.

Execution of commands given with gestures, without voice.

Overcoming obstacles on command.

Finding things on the scent of the owner.

If Jack is an obedient dog, you can take him to an officiating competition, it's very exciting.


Agility (from the English "agility" - speed, agility, agility). This is a relatively young sport with a dog, which was invented in England in the late 80s of the last century. Quite recently, he appeared in our country. This exciting sport harmoniously combined handling and athleticism, like your Jack, and your own. Overcoming various obstacles such as suspended tires, tunnels, mazes, swinging boards, etc. - the meaning of agility. Moreover, the composition of obstacles and their sequence is always changing.

Keep in mind that to do agility you and your Jack must be in excellent physical shape.

In addition, your dog must obey you well, be controlled, so you can be a team. Only if these conditions are met, you both will be able to enjoy agility.


It is likely that for Jack, a born hunter, mauling will be the most exciting thing to do. After all, his working qualities, which were cemented in the process of breeding, remain with him, even if he lives in an urban apartment. In addition to fun, your pet can receive a Working Diploma, which is required for National Club titles. With a working certificate, you can exhibit your Jack at shows in the Working Class.

There are now a sufficient number of dressage stations, choose the nearest to you and - action!

Your pet will be very grateful to you.


Frisbee is the name of a flying disc. Games with any kind of flying discs are also called "Frisbee". The meaning is very simple: you throw a disc, and your Jack has to catch it in flight. Being a very bouncy dog by nature, Jacks seem to be made for this sport. Even if you're not going to take part in a Frisbee competition, buy yourself a plate at home and practice with your Jack, he'll love the sport.


It's still quite a rare sport in our country. It was invented in America in the late 1960s. A special machine is installed on the track. On command, the dog must run-up to the machine, push the lever. After that, a ball flies out of the car, which the dog must catch and bring the owner. This is a very spectacular, exciting, and fun sport for your active Russell.

Freestyle - dancing with a dog 

This exotic sport is still underdeveloped here. A man and a dog moving to the music in a single dance pattern look amazingly harmonious. If you're a creative person who likes to dance, then Freestyle is just what you and your artistic Jack need.

The Jackie Russell Terrier is an easily trainable and well-adaptable dog. He can also be used as a working dog for waterfowl, blood trails, and squirrels. Whatever activity you have in mind for him, he will happily respond, for there is no greater happiness for him: working alongside his master.