Pleasant troubles

Pleasant troubles

Have you made your choice, found that unique and long-awaited one who will be a member of your family for the coming years? Can't wait to bring him home? Keep in mind, however, that it is not advisable to take your puppy away from his mother before 6 weeks of age.

Pleasant troubles

Here it comes, that long-awaited and joyful day when little Jack crosses the threshold of your home.

How to properly prepare for his admission? How to make his adaptation to the new family as painless and quick as possible?

Start by shopping. Believe me, it's a fun pastime.

Buy two small bowls on a stand, one for water and one for food. It's better to get metal ones because you just can't chew them, since puppies love to play with their bowls, dragging them around the house. The stand should have an interchangeable height so that as Jack grows, you can raise his bowls higher, The dog should not bend over while eating as this messes with his posture.

Buy a bed or couch or soft mattress for your pup to sleep on. There's a huge range of choices, so choose something that suits your needs and the apartment's interior. Get safe toys for your puppy. Safe means not to swallow, not to chew, and not to shred. Don't forget the tasty chewy bones. The selection is also huge. Buy a few different ones. Puppies love to chew, especially during tooth changes.

Buy the smallest size leash and collar. You can buy a harness. Allow your imagination to run wild and buy something pretty and colorful to make your puppy look fashionable. Most importantly, the collar should be soft. A 5-meter strap leash may work.

Food. Ask the breeder what kind of food the puppy ate at home and buy the same, at least for the first time. Then you can transfer him to any other food but do it gradually, at least within a week.

Buy little Jack a cage or playpen. A place where you can leave him when no one is home.