Do not pull the leash!

Do not pull the leash!

Today we will talk about why you can't compete with a dog in pulling a leash. The problem "dog pulls the leash" is one of the most common and painful, especially among owners of large breeds of dogs.

Do not pull the leash!

You pull the dog back, it pulls you forward. The action is equal, so in the end, you do not succeed, the dog is out of control.

Not only the dog is forbidden to pull the leash, but also you! What do you usually do when you see something attractive for your dog? Surely, you instinctively pull it by the leash to you. He responds by tugging and pulling in the opposite direction.

Conclusion: If you need to distract the dog from some irritant, do it in another way, without pulling the leash. For example, give him a treat or carry it away with a toy.

A good reason to put the tape measure away

roulette will have to be abandoned until your dog learns to walk on a saggy leash. Why?

The dog is used to walking on roulette. roulette is a convenient means of walking so that your dog will not run away. But on roulette, the dog instantly gets used to pulling the leash, and on roulette, a person can not effectively control the animal.

So we will walk to the place where you let the dog run, on a normal leash.

If you do not let the dog without a leash, then you will still be on a walk, and from the walk to go on an ordinary leash, and hook the dog on roulette only when you want to let him run a little.

This is only an alternative solution. It is better, of course, to teach the dog to the team "to me", or to find a deserted place where your dog can play and run without running away from you.