How to raise a dog: rules that will help you become a leader

How to raise a dog: rules that will help you become a leader

Dog to bring up necessary to ensure that it did not bother you and others. The basis of all techniques is the behavior of animals in the flock, namely, as members of the pack cost leader.

How to raise a dog: rules that will help you become a leader

1. Don't even think about hitting the dog.

The first and basic rule of dog training. If you beat the puppy in a soft place, will be of little avail (not to mention the fact that it's inhumane). Such your actions dog will not understand, because in a pack of animals do not beat each other.

2. "Bite" to explain something

The leader (and to meeting you on the puppy was the leader, his mother) is crude, but in another way: he bites "subordinate" in the neck or throws on the back. These two ways dogs show their displeasure.

To simulate a bite, strain your fingers and just hit the tips of the neck (on top, where the skin is rougher). If the dog's behavior is quiet in any gate not climbing, go on: after the "bite" don't take your hand and bring down the dog in the back. Most likely, the first few times will be difficult-the dog can resist. Then you need to hold his neck until it calms down. From the outside it looks creepy, but believe me, the dog does not hurt.

3. Do not let the dog on the bed

From the first minute in the house, the puppy is forbidden to be on your bed/couch/chair. Simply because, that in a pack of leaders sleep on hills, and all the rest — from below.

Human habitation in the highlands bed for dogs is forbidden territory.

Driveaway "bites" in the neck.

4. First, you eat, then the dog.

Come back to the pack: the leader eats first and then everyone else. So first you have Breakfast/lunch/dinner, and then the dog eats. However, don't forget about the regime: education education, but the dog should not be hungry. Another important rule: while you eat, the dog should not sit near you and beg for food. Of course, you don't have to give anything to the table.

5. Select a bowl of food

When it comes time to feed the dog first, get her to calm down (if he knows the team, let them perform). When the dog will eat, take away her bowl, hold it, and pretend you are eating out. It sounds weird, but it reminds the dog who's boss (all the food at the first request of the leader). Even this exercise will train your dog safely and give you all not to growl.

6. Soothe your dog before walking

The walk begins at home. If the dog happily jumps at the sight of the leash and keys, then wait until calms down. Understand that dog joy is bad for education: the dog does not hear you, does not see, he is overexcited. If you need to wait an hour. Never go out while the dog is excited. Soon she will realize that the streets are not to be seen if she jumps or whines.

7. Keep the dog strictly for a

Walk on a short leash. First, you come out of the door, then the dog. If trying to crawl forward, that considers itself the leader, again and again, until you go strictly up to you.

On the street you should keep the dog near his feet, her body is slightly behind yours.

 Walking with the dog should be at least 40 minutes a day. Of course, the more active the dog, the long walk.

8. Do not let the dog reach for other animals

If the dog is trying hard to reach forward, pull the leash or bend over and "bite" her. If the past is a dog/cat/bird, and the dog runs to him, make him sit and calm down. Of course, this does not mean that she can not communicate with anyone. Just the opposite — it is necessary, but only after completely calming down. Remember that eye-to-eye look is a sign that there will be a fight soon: it is a challenge.

9. Don't let the dog fight you

For dogs, games don't mean the same thing as us. In the animal world, all games are training. Jumping on each other and biting, puppies learn to fight. Keep this in mind when your dog will jump on you and try to bite and nip. Better throw him toys and learn to bring and give. The first time, the dog will likely be glad to get away from you with prey in the mouth. Take away toys: the leader does not ask, he always takes his.

10. Do not let pick up food

First, one thing we must understand to the owner: dogs are very harmful to picking up food from the ground on the street. There may be poison, and then the dog may just die. As soon as the dog begins to sniff the ground, then she smelled food. If he tries to pick it up, pull the leash and say "EW." Of course, like any rubber, will have repeated this many times, but sooner or later it is a watchdog all will understand and will cease "vacuuming."

11. Do not allow to jump on people

As a rule, owners are not satisfied with the two extremes of the behavior of dogs to other people: excessive joy and aggression. If you are lucky a little more and your dog just loves all around and is ready to jump and kiss, then just do not let him do it.

The tactic is simple: pull the leash every time the dog runs to a person. If the joy goes beyond all limits, forced to sit down and be quiet. If necessary, "bite" in the neck. The secret is that the tactics of behavior with an aggressive dog are the same.

12. Keep yourself confident, but the dog is not calm

Calm should be you, no matter how difficult it may be. Dogs all feel, excitement and anger.

The leader can not be nervous and afraid, keep it in mind.

The dog shouldn't be nervous either. If she is afraid, in any case, do not touch her, do not iron, do not calm her. She did not understand what you say, only catches good intonation and understands it as "good". So you tell the dog to be afraid and shake (or growl and bark) correctly. In all such situations, it will behave that way.

13. Help her relax

When the dog calms down itself, forget about what happened, you can give her a massage. It's simple: simulate your fingers falling and slightly "bite" the dog on the back. Do this slowly, squeezing the "mouth" all over the back. Another secret: massage near withers calms, and the tail, on the contrary, excite.

14. Build relationships with other family members

If there are other dogs, cats, or people in your home, don't forget to build a newbie relationship with them as well. The dog needs to understand the family hierarchy (she is the last link). Hug and caress all family members and all animals. The dog must watch from afar. So he realizes that the leader is supportive of these members of the pack and better not touch them.

If this approach does not help, fill up the dog on his back, and the other four-legged put on top-it is a subordinate position. Family members should also put the dog in place: "bite" or fill up on his back, do not feed, and do not let in his place.

15. Invent interesting activities for the dog

If you are busy with something and have time to play with the dog there, pitch it for a quick toy that is a favorite for a long time. The best way is to give him an old magazine or a phone book. The puppy is a good couple of hours will be very busy, and then lay down to sleep.

You can make a lot of cardboard boxes. Some of them hide a treat and give the box to the dog — let sniff and look for food. You can also turn on the fan: it buzzes and blows, and the dog will be busy.