Frequently Asked Questions about the Jack Russell Terrier

Frequently Asked Questions about the Jack Russell Terrier

Why the dog eats grass, tortures gases, eats a dead mouse or bird, a variety of food, eats feces, in this article you will find answers to questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Jack Russell Terrier

Why does a dog eat grass?

He eats grass because he likes its smell, and hence the taste. Also, dogs eat grass to clear their stomach and to burp grass together with its contents.

Jack is often tormented by gases. What to do with it?

Gases in the intestines of the dog may be formed for various reasons. One of them - is the change of feed. Another - Jack ate something unusual for him, treated us, as human food. If gas formation occurs constantly, then it is likely that the food you feed him is not suitable. Change it.

If Jack ate a dead mouse or bird in the yard, what to do?

The danger may lie in the fact that the mouse died from the poison, which pleased people, and she became poisonous. In addition, rodents and other wild animals may be infected with parasites or even rabies. Of course, it’s best to take your Jack to the vet right away, taking with you the remains of the prey for analysis. If there is no such possibility, watch carefully for his health and behavior. In general, Jack brought up should not pick up and the more there is something on the street. So you made a mistake in his upbringing.

People get tired of the monotony in the diet. Does Jack need a variety of foods?

The most common misconception among the owners: my Jack is fed up every day with the same thing, the feed must be changed frequently. This is not true. The more constant the dog's diet, the better its health. Frequent change in food leads to indigestion, diarrhea, and allergy, of course, changing food is possible, but only according to indications, due to changes in the health of the dog, due to allergies, etc.

Why is my jack eating feces?

This habit (in veterinary medicine, it has the name "coprophagy") is subject, practically, to any representative of the dog kingdom, regardless of the breed and its purpose. It is not clear exactly why, but dogs love to do it. One of the opinions is that the feces of other dogs can find the missing substances that are not included in their diet. However, if Jack also has a full balanced diet, this explanation seems doubtful.
Most likely, this is a physiological problem, and it can be solved with the help of special zoological preparations that can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. If you notice this behavior in your Jack, turn on his diet such as drugs.