What's the difference between Jack Russell Terrier and Parson Russell?

What's the difference between Jack Russell Terrier and Parson Russell?

Parson Russell Terrier is the first and oldest of the breed. He is the founder of all the settlements and the current known to us fox terriers. One of the favorite breeds of small dogs in the U.S. and Holland.

What's the difference between Jack Russell Terrier and Parson Russell?

The founder of the breed, the parish priest Jack Russell, brought out these very dogs. The pastor wanted to bring out the ideal working terrier, who could, without falling behind, rush along with a pack of hounds behind the horse for hours and then, still have the strength to work actively in the hole. In addition, this terrier also had to be balanced and able to work in pairs with other dogs, without provoking fights. 

Subsequently, such terriers were named after their creator - Parson Jack Russell Terrier, which sounds like "Pastor Jack Russell's Terrier". 

Jack Russell Terrier appeared as a result of the bloodshed of dachshunds and cords to Parson Russell. As a result, there was a short, tax-like terrier, which moved much slower than his high-altitude colleague but worked harder on both the fox and badger. 

The growing number of short-beds caused discontent among cynologists and professionals, as the true, approved by pastor Russell terrier, was high-beam, and the short-beam variety, according to the first standard breed, was only acceptable, but not desirable. 

As a result of numerous disputes that lasted for many years, on June 4, 2001, Parson Russell was recognized by FCI along with the rest of the others, and Jackie was included in the temporary list. 

The first distinctive feature is the height of the crest. The ideal male Parson Russell Terrier is 35.5 cm tall and the ideal bitch is 33 cm tall. At the same time, deviations within the limits of no more than 2 cm are allowed. The weight of the dog is not regulated. At the same time, the height of a Jack Russell terrier is in the range of 25-30 cm, and every 5 cm accounts for 1 kg of weight. The second essential difference is the format: if Parson Russell's Terrier is approaching square one, then Jack Russell's Terrier is much more stretched out. 

By color and type of wool there are different, both jockeys and parsons, gestures (strongly grown-up), brokers (wool on the face and feet longer than on the body), and smooth wool. White and red, white, tricolor. White color should be predominant.