Why don't you get a dog when the baby's young?

Why don't you get a dog when the baby's young?

It makes sense to bring a dog into the house when the child is at least five years old. This is due to the features of the children's age constitution, physical strength, and level of awareness.

Why don't you get a dog when the baby's young?

To be able to go outside with a child and a dog. Next to a 5-year-old, it's probably quite realistic to even train.

If you first get a dog, it is better to have at least 3 years before the birth of the baby, so that by the time the baby was perfectly trained and hormonally come to a mature dog without a fool in the head.

Yes, there are cases when the baby and the dog appear in the house almost simultaneously, but it is really difficult to combine without compromising the upbringing, development, and safety of both, well, and the nerves of the mother, of course.

Our Squirrel showed up at the house a few years before she was born. And she was fully prepared for it. It was perfect.

But we took Grenca when the baby wasn't even a year old. Our whole system collapsed. Yes, we pay relatively much attention to Grenca's training, but we need a lot more. And we just don't have the hands-on it anymore. And yes, it's very difficult when there's a dog in the house with a little kid that's not very manageable. The only way out is to go for a walk, which is worth it. It's a pity you can only feel it when you try it on yourself.

 It is therefore a good recommendation to get a dog a few years before or a few years after the birth.
It's interesting to know your opinion on this topic. And what do those who already have dogs and no children think? Share it, as you can see in the commentary.