Why is your Jack Russell sleeping so much?

Why is your Jack Russell sleeping so much?

Let me guess what your Jack Russell is doing right now? He's probably sleeping. 12-14 hours a day approximately and so sleeping your dog. It turns out that 50% of the time the dog is asleep, 30% — awake and just lying around, and 20% — leads an active lifestyle.

Why is your Jack Russell sleeping so much?

How much time your dog needs to sleep depends on several factors

Puppies and old dogs of the Jack Russell breed sleep more than healthy adult dogs. As babies and children, puppies spend most of the day playing and exploring the new world. They need 18-20 hours of sleep. Old dogs also need more rest as they get tired more easily.

Since the Jack Russell Terrier is a working breed, it is more awake than asleep because its work requires attention.

The duration of the sleep of a dog depends on health. For example, people want to sleep more when they are unwell. With dogs the same.

Sleep is affected by life changes. If you have just moved or Jack is experiencing the loss of a friend, he will respond to the change. Dogs will need more sleep to get their mood and energy levels back to normal.

Dogs Wake up more often and sleep more than we do. Your Jack usually sleeps in small snatches during the day and night.

Our night sleep accounts for 25% of the time in the REM sleep phase, we dream and restore energy to our brain and body. Dogs have REM sleep is only 10% of the total duration of sleep, for this reason, they need to stretch this restorative sleep for the whole day.

As a rule, Jackie does not fall into a deep sleep. They can fall asleep anywhere and anytime and Wake up in a moment (sound plates! The doorbell! The fridge opened!) if necessary. 

If your dog has changed sleep mode, your Jack Russell suddenly starts all the time to doze off and suddenly awake all day, then visit the vet. Very long sleep can be associated with several medical conditions, including depression, diabetes, and hypothyroidism.